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Sky Fantasy Gameweek 29 Expert Team Reveal

In this article we take a look at a Sky Fantasy Gameweek 29 expert team reveal. We bring in Fantasy Football Scout contributor @FFScout_Tom to review his latest Gameweek, reveal his team, discuss his transfers and highlight captaincy for the round ahead.

Our Sky Fantasy Gameweek 29 expert team reveal can really help other managers in the build up to the deadline. Our expert is flying in the overall rankings. So, knowing his plans can bring light or clarify some of our own.


It’s time to take a breath after a hectic couple of weeks! In this article, I’ll review the Gameweek just gone and look ahead to the weekend in Sky Fantasy Football, enjoy!

Gameweek 28 Review

It was a much steadier week after the thrills of GW26 and GW27. I made another four transfers, as planned; taking out Ederson, Gabriel, Saka and Groß for Neto, Romero, Son and Palmer. Neto aside, the moves paid off big time. The negative being I didn’t captain Son for his 16 point haul, instead opting for Watkins’ blank. Saka also delivered a captaincy blank on Saturday, although he did outscore Solanke! Palmer and Solanke returned captaincy points on Monday and Wednesday respectively. Romero (10) and Groß (8) also returned some useful points. Despite this, my rank was pretty stationary.

At half-time of the Bournemouth-Luton match I had given up hope of a rank rise, however, the legend that is Zabarnyi stepped up with his first goal of the season to give me a green arrow!

Overall, GW28 brought 107 points and a rise from 80th to 71st in the overall rankings. I’ve got 15 transfers left.

Gameweek 29 Team Reveal (Subject to change)

GW29 Preview

With just four matches this weekend, there’s not a lot of strategy to talk through. Indeed, I’ve only got four players! Captaincy is relatively straightforward, I’ll be going Son (ful) on Saturday and Watkins (whu) on Sunday. Both options will likely be the most captained and in my mind are the best options, albeit there’s a small temptation to punt Bowen on Sunday, against a Villa team struggling to keep clean sheets. Of course, we’ll have to keep an eye on tonight’s Europa matches.

After making eight transfers in the last two weeks, I’m keen not to make any more this side of the international break. I almost certainly won’t be using any unless disaster strikes and both my players for one of the matchdays get injured.

One final thing to say, don’t worry about getting loads of players out this weekend. Id expect engaged mangers to have between four and five players on average. As long as you’ve covered off the key captains for both days, you’ll be fine. I really wouldn’t be using too many transfers, Spurs perhaps being the exception. Looking ahead, Son is probably the best captain for Spurs’ next four matchdays, ending with Nottingham Forest (H) on Monday 8th April. He’s probably worth buying.

Thanks for reading and good luck for GW29.  Remember to finalise your teams and set your captains before Saturday’s 3pm. Enjoy the subsequent international break!

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