Community XI

The Fantasy Football Community is full of excellent content to help managers make the best decisions. Here is a community XI of essential resource links to help managers.

1. Fantasy Football Scout

Providing a wealth of FPL content, tools and advice. Home of the Scoutcast podcast, Community Question Time and Meet the Manager series. The site has a very popular Members Area, with community talk and a YouTube channel.

2. LiveFPL

Immediate rank updates during Premier League matches

A useful website which offers live FPL ranks, live mini-leagues plus statistics on the top 10,000 FPL managers and all your rivals.

3. Premier Fantasy Tools

Creates sophisticated tools to help fantasy football managers optimize their fantasy teams.

Premier Fantasy Tools was born from a need to be competitive in fantasy football leagues without spending onerous amounts of time doing analysis. We felt the urge to share these great tools and strategies with a wider audience, and hence Premier Fantasy Tools was born. You will find tools and links here that you will find nowhere else.

4. The Official FPL Scout

The Scout has assembled a squad of experts to deliver FPL insight throughout the season

FPL managers with proven pedigree, and respected social influencers will now be on hand each Gameweek.  The Scout will consult with the squad regularly and offer them the opportunity to present a range of opinions on the selection and strategic dilemmas that matter most. These will be included in articles, videos and via @OfficialFPL.

5. FPL BlackBox

Weekly episodes

Established members of the Fantasy community, Fantasy Football Scout’s Mark and Az are learning from their mistakes while giving their thoughts on how to become a better FPL manager.

6. Let’s Talk FPL

Andy has over 240,000 YouTube subscribers

FPL expert Andy posts weekly videos on topics such as captaincy, kneejerk reactions and offering opinions on others’ teams. Such is his popularity, he has even secured recent interviews discussing FPL with Ben Foster and Chris Sutton.

7. The FPL Wire

Popular podcast with three elite FPL managers

Featuring the trio of Lateriser12 (three top 200 finishes), Zophar666 (seven top 10k finishes) and BigManBakar (finished fourth in 2014/15), The FPL Wire is a weekly place where managers who have loved the game for years give insight, information and all the banter you need to make your FPL decisions.

8. Pro Pundits

Regular columns from Hall of Fame FPL legends

Fantasy Football Scout is home to a series of regular columns from consistently brilliant all-time FPL managers such as Fabio Borges, Simon March and Tom Freeman. Some features discuss specific, topical debates, whereas some are more philosophical and give an insight into the minds of such renowned managers.

9. FPL Statistics

Keeps track of each player’s chances of an overnight price change

A very useful website for those not wanting to miss a price rise or drop. The algorithm updates regularly, with those exceeding +/- 100% predicted to change overnight.

10. FPL Family

Lee and Sam regularly post YouTube videos on hot topics

This husband and wife duo tackle subjects like differentials, top picks, chip strategy and contemporary talking points of the FPL world.

11. FPL Review

A handy toolset for team planning

Optimise your planning using cutting-edge prediction models and review your strategy using unique performance metrics.