FPL Glossary

AUTOSUB When a substitute comes in to replace a non-starter from your chosen XI.
BANDWAGON A low-owned player who many managers suddenly want to sign; a trend.
BENCH BOOST An FPL chip. For one Gameweek, all 15 of your squad will score points for you.
BLANK A player that fails to produce – whether it be a goal, assist or clean sheet.
BLANK GAMEWEEK A postponed or rearranged match denies a team any action in that Gameweek.
BPS Bonus Points System. Awards player actions and is used to calculate final bonus points.
CAPTAIN Each Gameweek, choose one player from your XI to score double points.
CHIPS Strategic boosts for managers to deploy throughout the season: Wildcard (x2), Free Hit, Triple Captain, Bench Boost.
CLEAN SHEET The goalkeeper/defender doesn’t concede a goal (FPL points if they play at least 60 minutes).
DIFFERENTIAL A player who has low ownership and could accelerate you up the rankings.
DOUBLE GAMEWEEK When a team plays twice in one Gameweek.
EFFECTIVE OWNERSHIP EO is the percentage of teams that are starting a player, plus the amount who captained him.
ENABLER For budget management, an enabler is cheap and allows premium assets elsewhere.
EYE TEST Using your own eyes to judge player quality.
FREE HIT An FPL chip. Unlimited transfers for a one-Gameweek squad, before it reverts back to normal.
HITS After running out of free transfers, a manager can spend four points to make another.
ITK An ‘In The Know’ source who claims to have secret information.
OOP Out-Of-Position. When the FPL website has listed a player as a defender/midfielder/forward, yet they appear to be used in another.
PREMIUM Expensive assets – usually the star players of the best Premier League teams.
RMT Rate My Team. Used when a manager wants others to give their opinion.
ROTATION-PROOF Players who look set to start every match, avoiding rests and squad rotation.
TEMPLATE A safe FPL squad full of highly-chosen players.
TRIPLE CAPTAIN An FPL chip. For one Gameweek, choose a player from your XI to score triple points.
UNDERLYING STATS Beyond the main statistics (goals, assists, clean sheets), some lesser-known data can give a better indication of how a player is doing.
WILDCARD An FPL chip. Unlimited transfers to fix your squad, looking ahead to the future.
xG Expected Goals. A statistic that measures both the quantity and quality of shots, based on how often each is normally a goal.
xGC Expected Goals Conceded. For a defence; the same number as the opposing team’s xG.