Community: No Kane, No Gain


It’s that time of year when FPL managers try to squeeze as many premium options into their Gameweek 1 drafts as possible.

While the likes of Mo Salah and Raheem Sterling have plenty of love in the community, including Harry Kane in those Gameweek 1 teams is dividing opinion!

The Kane Dilemma

1. Scout

It might have been a disappointing campaign last time around for Harry Kane, but we know his pedigree from previous seasons demonstrates his capability for fantasy returns. Fantasy Football Scout share the historical data.

2. Fix

Somewhat surprisingly, Harry Kane has seen his first significant price drop in three seasons. For someone with his capability, there’s plenty of potential there with this price. It’s a similar position to the one Sergio Aguero was in last season.

3. Fujtown

Jared, better known as FPLFujtown, is one fantasy manager attracted by the new price tag. Bearing in mind his price rises in previous seasons, he could prove to be a bargain if he replicates his form of the past!

4. Munday

The main issue with accommodating Harry Kane into those teams, is that the rest of the squad becomes pretty unbalanced. David Munday of Fantasy Football Scout has been tinkering and the balance is better without.

5. Planet

The Harry Kane conundrum has been a hot topic on the Planet FPL Podcast and one that’s momentum is swinging towards the England captain. There’s five convincing reasons for having him in your team.

6. Tinkermen

Those words of The Tinkermen are further echoed in the following graphic. Surely those lack of minutes and returns were just a blip and he’s destined for bigger and better things after the summer off!

7. Elf

There’s plenty of traction within the community to opt for 2 or 3 budget forwards and ignore our premium players altogether. FPL Elf provides a stark warning in the graphic below of why this might be a bad idea.

8. Junior

However, there’s plenty of high profile managers ditching the premium strikers altogether. It was a strategy that worked very well for Mark Sutherns of Fantasy Football Scout last season. FPL Junior brings the conversation.

9. Drew

FPL Drew is trying to fit Kane into his Gameweek 1 team. That opening fixture is enticing and the longer schedule isn’t too bad either. It also gives greater flexibility if any premium forward get’s off to a fast start.

10. Andy

Let’s Talk FPL’s Andy looks at whether going with Harry Kane is viable and which premium options he can challenge for our Gameweek 1 teams. He’s a great captaincy option in Gameweek 1, but a risk ahead of Liverpool attackers.


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