LiveFPL Rank Tiers – GW30 autosubs and chip usage

Gameweek 30 is over, therefore we can use LiveFPL rank tiers to analyse the decisions made by FPL managers.

Autosubs made

Ignoring the numbers of guys from the non-playing 12 teams, the surprise absentees were Aaron Ramsdale, Raphinha and Gabriel Martinelli. Whilst many managers had planned a squad that could survive on eight or nine players without using a Free Hit, these were three big blows. Yet the main top 10k autosub was Ricardo Pereira. Most of his replacement only grabbed appearances points, although 0.89% of them inherited Bukayo Saka‘s haul.

Chip usage of rank tiers

Surprisingly, only 13.6% of the top 10k and 11.32% overall activated their Free Hit chip in Blank Gameweek 30. The main reasons were either that a very recent Wildcard had cherrypicked the main players, or managers thought there was very little potential amongst the four games.

Only a tiny percentage had the audacity to use any other chip, with 0.08% overall deciding to Bench Boost!

Overall Free Hit template

Of the 838,206 Free Hitters, this was their template squad. Between them, these 15 totalled 69 points without taking captaincy into account. Double-digit hauls came in for Son Heung-min (15), Harry Kane (13), Bukayo Saka (11) and James Maddison (10). On the other hand, Wolves assets let many managers down, with Raul Jimenez‘s red card spurring a 3-2 comeback win for Leeds.

Effective Ownership in rank tiers

The EO (percentage of starting XI teams, plus captaincy, of a player) numbers are fairly inconsistent across ranks for, considering the lack of participating players. Amongst the higher ranks, Kane had well over 100% EO, with many heavily-reliant on Wolves and Tottenham.

For more statistics and graphs on rank tiers, captaincy and effective ownership, check out Live FPL. There is also a transfer planner and ‘What If?’ scenario predictor.

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