Community XI: Five Man Defence


Going for a five man defence in FPL is a pre season trend once more.

The debate has been rife, with the emergence of many premium Fantasy Premier League defence options for the 2019/20 season.

1. Andy

The defence discussion started early on the Who Got The Assist? podcast, with Let’s Talk FPL Andy producing an entertaining graph to chart the trend in each FPL pre-season.

2. General

The stakes are much higher now though, with high profile managers like FPL General backing the defence strategy. He’s developed an entertaining way of justifying his plans!

3. Fly

Despite the hype, FPL Fly is the voice of reason, reminding the FPL Community of why this tactic is generally perceived to be a bad idea. Don’t say you weren’t warned!

4. Neil

Neil Murray has been leading the discussion on Twitter of playing a five man defence. He’s provided numerous threads and talking points to advocate his decision making.

5. Hopcroft

Adam Hopcroft has crunched the numbers on the PPM metric from last season. Interestingly enough, its a five man defence which allows for the best overall total: it can provide balance!

6. Hints

Twitter legend, FPL Hints, has done some experimentation in the strategy to analyse the knock on effect of the rest of our squads. Compromises in attack have to be made.

7. Don’t Take The L

Interestingly when looking at ownership, the most owned players fit into a 5-3-2 formation shortly after the game launch. The exact figures have changed since this tweet but the fact still stands.

8. Physio

So, how does all this talk of defence and formations filter down into the FPL Community? It’s a more conservative 4-42 leading at the moment, after over 1,000 votes.

9. March

Some big names are bucking the trend though, with former Fantasy Premier League 2014/15 Champion a big advocate! Surely if he believes he can make it work then the rest of us are in with a shout?

10. Fix

The algorithm at Fantasy Football Fix has been working it’s magic to analyse formation trends of top managers. There’s been a shift, but a five man defence may be a bridge too far.

11. Hub

Finally, Fantasy Football Hub gauged the initial Community thoughts on the number of defenders to line up with in Gameweek 1. Five was controversial, but plenty of managers are now more comfortable with 4 than 3.

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