World Cup Fantasy points

The World Cup game is here! Managers can now access the rules using the Official FIFA World Cup website. One of the sections included covers how to earn World Cup Fantasy points. We overview how each player position earn those points here.

Knowing how to earn points in any fantasy game is absolutely vital when managers are looking to build their squads. How players earn World Cup Fantasy points will be a huge factor when determining how they distribute their budgets.

All players

We can see a list of how all players can earn points below. However, other positions can earn points in different ways. It is important to know all players will receive three points for an assist, minus one point for a yellow card and minus two points for a red card.

A player will earn two points when they win a penalty.


Goalkeepers receive a whopping nine points for a goal scored. However, it is worth remembering that every goal they concede after the first means minus one point. For every three saves goalkeepers will earn one point. For every penalty save, goalkeepers will earn just three additional points.


Defenders can earn a massive seven points for every goal they score. Similar to goalkeepers, they also receive a minus one points deduction for every goal conceded after the first. Defenders will receive their clean sheet points 10 minutes before a goalkeeper.

At the time of writing, defenders do not receive any additional points for tackles or interceptions.


Midfielders can earn an additional point if their team keep a clean sheet. They also earn the same number of points as forwards for scoring a goal. Midfielders can also earn a point for every three tackles made and every two key passes made.


Forwards can earn the same number of points as a midfielder (five points) for scoring a goal. A forward can also earn a point for every two shots on target. It is unclear if forwards will still earn that extra point if they score.

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