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Arsenal and Manchester City Dumped Out of the Champions League!

The unlimited transfer window

The World Cup is here. This means FPL mangers have plenty of time until the Premier League resumes. Using the Official Fantasy Premier League website, we highlight some of the most important details surrounding the unlimited transfer window in FPL.

It is vital that FPL managers catch up on the unlimited transfer window details. This can then help managers navigate the break. Knowing the key factors during the break can come in handy when planning for the second phase of the season.

Unlimited transfers

We can see FPL managers are provided with unlimited transfers during the World Cup. In fact, managers have 44 days to plan their next moves. The Premier League Fantasy campaign will resume on the 26th of December, otherwise known as Boxing Day to many.

Player prices

We can see that the prices of players will freeze during the World Cup. We can also see that the last set of price changes took place on the 13th of November. It is important to highlight that any transfers after the deadline will not affect the prices of players.

Another important factor

Fantasy Football Scout contributor @FPLFocal also highlighted something important. Any transfers made will be added to total transfers. Total transfers are used as a tie breaker when deciding on rank.

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