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UCL Fantasy top picks for Matchday 3

The next round of Champions League is close. We take a look at the top picks for Matchday 3. In addition, we take into consideration that some managers will also be looking to use the limitless chip for the round ahead.

Taking a look at the UCL Fantasy top picks for Matchday 3 could be vital to both getting back on track or maintaining those successful starts to the campaign. Using stats, heat maps, player and team form we can shortlist some of the best players with the most potential for Matchday 3.

Note: This article was written between the 16th-23rd of September, for that reason stats will inevitably change. However, this should not be enough to remove any players from the top picks for Matchday 3.

Goalkeepers – Antonio Adán


Sporting started their domestic season inconsistently. In their first five matches the Portuguese side managed just two wins whilst also losing two and drawing one. However, that form seems to be improving. Sporting have now won their last four matches on the bounce. This could indicate they are now settling as a team.

Defensively, Sporting have kept five clean sheets in their first eight matches in all competitions. In line with their winning form, four of those clean sheets have been collected in their last four matches. What is even more impressive, they have also kept back-to-back clean sheets in Matchday 1 and Matchday 2 of the current Champions League campaign. This could highlight the Sporting defence as a worthy investment.

Sporting face a Matchday 3 match against Marseille, away from home. This is one of the early kick-offs at 17:45 UK time, meaning managers can react to the line-ups before the deadline, within their fantasy teams.

Although domestically very strong, Marseille have failed to move that great form into the Champions League so far. Not only have the French side lost both of their matches played, but they have also failed to score a single goal. The lack of opposition goals further highlights the appeal of the Sporting defence.


35-year-old Antonio Adán continues to show top level goalkeeping ability. Last season domestically the seasoned Spaniard to keep a whopping 17 clean sheets from the 33 matches played. Keeping clean sheets in more than half of the matches played is no easy feat.

This season Antonio Adán continues his elite goalkeeping form. In Liga Portugal he has kept three clean sheets in his last six matches. What could be seen as even more impressive, Adán has also kept two clean sheets from his two Champions League matches as well.

That great UCL form can be reflected in his points. So far, the Spanish keeper has picked up 14 points, seven on average per match. Antonio Adán comes in at the fantastic enabling price of just £4.5m. Most managers could be seeking to spend minimum money on goalkeepers and Adán offers just that.

Price is a huge factor but if he doesn’t return any points on the Tuesday, he can be comfortably replaced with another budget keeper for the Wednesday. Against a team struggling for goals in the Champions League, playing for a team that is growing in form, Antonio Adán makes the top picks for Matchday 3.

Hugo Lloris


Although losing their last match, that was the first time Tottenham failed to pick any points up since the start of the season. In their first eight matches, they have won five, drawn two and lost one. This shows a very strong level of form.

Defensively, it hasn’t gone as many football fans would have expected since Conte’s take over. In that same eight match period Tottenham kept just three clean sheets. In the Champions league the English side have already proven defensive capabilities. This was shown against the in-form French side Marseille, where they kept the clean sheet.

Tottenham face Frankfurt in Matchday 3. In their first 10 matches in all competitions the Germans have won four, lost four and drawn twice. Meaning Frankfurt could be a team to target moving forward. In addition, we are yet to see much in terms of scoring in the Champions League. The Germans didn’t look convincing in their 1-0 win over Marseille and failed to score against Portuguese side Sporting in Matchday 2. This could mean investing in a the defence that Frankfurt are playing against, could be beneficial.


35-yar-old Frenchman Hugo Lloris has been seen as a high-quality goalkeeper for many years. He managed to keep an impressive 16 clean sheets from his 38 matches played in the Premier League last season.

This season Lloris has collected two clean sheets in his first six Premier League matches. Although below his and Tottenham’s standards, the potential is clearly there for the goalkeeper. The Frenchman is priced at £5.5m, interestingly £0.5m below all premium goalkeepers.

With a meeting ahead against an inconsistent German side, Lloris has great potential for the clean sheet and save points. Reports suggest the Frenchman is out with an injury, so we should await news. For those reasons Lloris makes his way into the top picks for Matchday 3.

Philipp Köhn


Salzburg remain as the most dominant team in the Austrian Bundesliga, they currently reside in first place domestically. In their first 10 matches in all competitions, Salzburg have won a huge seven of them, drawing twice and losing just once. A team that appears hard to beat.

Defensively the Austrian side have been impressive too. In that same 10 match period, Salzburg have collected six clean sheets, preventing the opponents from scoring in over half of their matches. Their Champions League form does need improving. In the first two matchdays, they have failed to keep a clean sheet. It’s also very important to mention that both of those matches were against extremely strong opposition in Chelsea and AC Milan.

Salzburg play on the Wednesday against Croatian side Dynamo Zagreb, the Austrian side being at home. Dynamo Zagreb have proven they can score goals with one in each Matchday so far. However, scoring just one in each game doesn’t necessarily reflect a free scoring team. Could it be a matter of time before they stop scoring?


Swiss goalkeeper Philipp Köhn bas proven to be a promising young talent countless times for Salzburg. In his 21/22 domestic league campaign the 24-year-old played 28 matches and kept a very impressive 14 clean sheets. Preventing the opposition from scoring in half of his matches could be seen a very promising.

Although failing to keep clean sheets against tough opposition in Matchday 1 and Matchday 2, Philipp Köhn shows potential. So far domestically, Köhn has collected a very strong six clean sheets from the eight matches he’s played. Once again proving he can show top level form.

Philipp Köhn comes in at a budget price of just £4.5m. This means the goalkeeper can help enable the pricier options elsewhere within out fantasy teams. Paired up with another £4.5m keeper could be very beneficial for UCL Fantasy managers.

With a good fixture ahead and at such a cheap price, Philipp Köhn could be an easy selection for managers in Matchday 3.


Man City

Man City continue to be one of the top performing sides amongst the best teams in Europe. The English league holders have played 10 matches, won six, drawn three and lost one. Not just hard to beat, but Man City also dominate defensively in their domestic league. Amongst all teams they are joint first for clean sheets, the best for shots in the box conceded and second for big chances conceded.

In the same 10 match period Man City have managed to collect four clean sheets, with two of them coming in their last three matches. Although below their usual high standard the English giants look to be improving, especially recently.

Man City face Copenhagen in Matchday 2. Not only have Copenhagen struggled to find consistency within their own league but they have failed to score a single goal in the Champions League so far. This could indicate heavy investment in the Man City defence as highly benficial.


Ederson is priced at the premium cost of £6m. Although expensive, the Brazilian can provide a consistent rate of fantasy points and that was shown in his last campaign. In his 21/22 season Ederson kept a fantastic 20 clean sheets in his 38 matches played. This shows elite level goalkeeping, with the help of the solid defence.

Due to the defensive strength of the team Ederson plays for and the struggling to score opponents, he makes his way into the top picks for Matchday 3.

Defenders – Alphonso Davies


Bayern continuously provide football fans with exciting performances. Not just that, but also elite level form. The German giants have now played 10 matches in all competitions. In those same 10 matches they have won seven and drawn three. Bayern are yet to lose a match this season.

Defensively the German side have failed to match the ambitions of their fans. Although that is the case, they have still kept a clean sheet in 50% of their games played so far this season. Bayern do have the potential to keep clean sheets against high level opponents. In Matchday 2 they managed to shut Barcelona out and keep the clean sheet.

Bayern face Plzen in Matchday 3. Although scoring against both Inter and Barcelona, they are yet to convince fans that they can score freely. Plzen are superior in their own domestic league, but question marks still remain over the quality of the competition within the league.


21-year-old attacking defender Alphonso Davies has been seen as a rising star by many. Although the clean sheet potential is there, Davies offers much more than that. In his 2018 MLS campaign the Canadian proved his offensive desire after scoring eight goals and creating nine assists, finishing the season on 17 attacking returns in 31 matches played.

After a serious health condition put Alphonso Davies out for large patches of the season last campaign, his rise back to the top may not be too far away. Taking a look at his heatmap from the Bundesliga this season tells us a lot. We can see clear attacking intent from Davies. The majority of his play is found in the opponent’s half, with a lot of positioning in the opponent’s box. This is a huge indicator that the Canadian has offensive motivation.

Courtesy of Sofascore

In his first five matches of his domestic season Alphonso Davies has already picked up both a clean sheet and an assist. The £5.5m priced defender comes in at £0.5m-£1m cheaper that most of the pricier options within the game, but could he match them?

Alphonso Davies has good clean sheet and offensive potential ahead of the third round of Champions League, for those reasons he takes his place amongst the top picks for Matchday 3.

Pedro Porro


We already covered the fact that Sporting have started to pick up great form lately. Their four back-to-back wins are a reflection of that. In addition, again something we already covered, was that Sporting have now kept an impressive five clean sheets in their last eight matches. Again, four of those clean sheets in the last four matches.

Sporting show both progressive winning and defensive form. This means that investing in the Portuguese sides defence could be extremely beneficial. Sporting play against Marseille in Matchday 3, whom again, have failed to translate their good winning and scoring form over to the Champions League. The French side have failed to score a goal yet in their current UCL campaign. The opponents ahead mean the appeal of a Sporting defender increases.


23-year-old defender Pedro Porro continues to impress and raise the alarms of some of the biggest clubs in Europe. Lat season we can see just how attacking Porro was. Nort only was most of his game played in the opponent’s half, but we can also see plenty of positioning in the oppositions box. This could imply that Porro can get extremely close to the goal and so his potential for an attacking return increases.

Courtesy of Sofascore

In that same season last campaign Pedro Porro started 19 matches, scored four goals and created four assists. This led to the Spanish defender creating a goal contribution in nearly half of his matches. This season has been no different, although we could argue even more impressive. After seven matches played for Sporting Porro has already created three assists and kept five clean sheets. This totals to a magnificent eight returns in seven matches.

Porro’s Champions League form is no different. In UCL Fantasy, he has already notched up 18 points for his two clean sheets and assist. Averaging nine points per match in UCL, the offensively hungry Porro is in great form.

At a great price of just £5.2m and with a great fixture ahead, it could be very difficult to leave him out of our teams. Pedro Porro simply has to make the top picks for Matchday 3.

Trent Alexander-Arnold


Liverpool maintain one of the highest reputations in Europe. However, as of late that great form has took a dip. In their eight matches played they have won three, drawn three and lost two. Something Liverpool will be wanting to change and quickly.

Defensively the same could be reiterated. Liverpool’s once great defence has also taken a similar dip. The Reds have only picked up two clean sheets from their matches so far, but how good can they be? Amongst all teams in the Premier League last season, Liverpool were defensively solid. Last campaign they were joint first for clean sheets kept, joint first for goals conceded, second for shots in the box conceded and second for shots on target conceded.

It may only be a matter of time before we see that elite defensive form and a great opportunity to regain that lays ahead. Liverpool face a meeting against Rangers in Matchday 3. Although dominant in their own league they have really struggled lately. In their last three matches Rangers have failed to score a single goal against teams like Celtic, Napoli and Ajax. This could highlight the Scottish team as lacking for goals. For that reason, investing in the Liverpool defence could have great potential.


Trent Alexander-Arnold has been one of the best defenders in the world offensively and his stats don’t lie. The Liverpool defender hits a serious price-tag of £6.5m, however could he be worth that this week? This season amongst all players in the Premier League Trent is first for crosses, first for successful crosses and makes the top 10 for chances created. Taking into account that he was compared with midfielders and strikers as well, it’s even more impressive.

Last season Trent played 32 matches, scored two goals and created a whopping 12 assists. Combined with his 17 clean sheets, Trent finished his domestic season on 31 returns from 32 matches. This shows incredible returning form and has to be considered.

This season, although not to his usual standard, Trent still appears to be playing very advanced. In fact, we can see that the Liverpool man utilises most of his time in the opponent’s half. With his fantastic distribution stats and heavy positioning in the opposition’s half, it only adds to his big appeal.

Although costly, Trent has the potential to reward owners. His great fixture ahead, clean sheet and offensive potential is the reason he can’t be left out of the top picks for Matchday 3.

Raphaël Guerreiro


Dortmund’s form has been interestingly stronger than large patches of last season. In their first 10 matches of competitive football the German side have managed seven wins and three losses. This shows the impact of a fantastic summer of signings.

Defensively, Dortmund have also improved. In the same 10 match period they also kept an impressive six clean sheets. Again, showing their excellent summer signings of defensive players is taking a positive effect. This also indicates that buying into the Dortmund defence potentially beneficial for UCL managers.

Sevilla awaits in Matchday 3. The Spanish team have started the season torridly and that has shown in their form. In their first eight matches in all competitions, they have lost four, drawn three and only won one. Not only have Sevilla failed to score more than one in seven of those eight matches but didn’t register a goal in three of them.


Raphaël Guerreiro comes into the game with a brilliant price-tag of just £4.7m after his £0.2m after Matchday 1. UCL managers are always on the lookout for some of the best value assets in the game and Guerreiro could be it. The defenders price means managers can utilise money around the rest of the squad and enable the pricier options within their teams.

In the 21/22 domestic league campaign Raphaël Guerreiro managed to score four goals and create two assists. This is already a good showing of what the attacking Portuguese full back is capable of. This season is no different.

We can see from this seasons heatmap Guerreiro spends a vast amount of time in the opponent’s half. Not just that, but the defender also takes up a large amount of positioning close to the opponent’s box and inside it on occasions. All offensive indicators UCL managers will be seeking for in defenders.

This season Guerreiro has already created an assist. In addition, the defender also showed his attacking potential when he scored in Matchday 1. In his first eight matches of the season the £4.7m defender has racked up four clean sheets, two goals and one assist. This combines to seven returns in his last eight matches. Very impressive and could be seen as huge reflection of his overall potential.

Guerreiro did miss the last domestic match for Dortmund with some reports suggesting it could be a muscle injury. However, with plenty of time to monitor and look for news, managers should have him high on their target lists. With a great fixture ahead, a great price-tag and in an improving Dortmund defence, Guerreiro makes his way into the top picks for Matchday 3.

The Man City defence

Man City remain one of the best defensive units in Europe, and it has been the same for several seasons. Their 21/22 campaign was a true showing of their potential. Amongst all teams in the league Man City were the joint best for goals conceded, joint first for clean sheets kept, first for shots in the box and shots on target conceded and the best for big chances conceded.

This season that top defensive form has not let up. Amongst all teams in the league Man City are joint second for goals conceded, first for clean sheets, first for shots in the box conceded and first for shots on target conceded. A huge showing of just how good Man City are defensively.

The English league holders haver currently notched up 11 matches of competitive football. In that same period Man City have won seven, drawn three and lost just one. The English outfit are now catching rhythm. In their last five matches they have won four and drawn one whilst also keeping three clean sheets.

Man City face Copenhagen in Matchday 3. The Danish team should be dominant in their own league but that isn’t the case. In their nine matches so far domestically, they have won four and lost five. This could be seen as Copenhagen being a fantastic team to target. This can also be reflected in the fact that they have failed to score a single goal in their current Champions League campaign.

With a strong defence like Man City’s and playing a very weak opponents offensively, managers could even invest in a Man City double defence. Although expensive, all factors above do suggest there is plenty of potential for clean sheets.

João Cancelo

João Cancelo continues to progress his game season upon season. The defender sits at a massive 49% ownership in the game, already suggesting he could be essential for the matchday ahead. The Portuguese man prices at £6.6m and makes him the highest priced defender in the game.

We can see the sheer versatility of Cancelo in his 21/22 domestic heatmap below. Predominantly a left sided defender we can also see that he also played a lot of his game time on the right side as well. What is more exciting is that the Portuguese defender spends a lot of time in the opponent’s half with significant positioning in the opposition’s box

Cancelo’s great positioning means he puts himself in some great offensive situations and that can be seen in his 21/22 domestic league stats. Last campaign Cancelo played 36 matches, scored one goal, created seven assists and kept a huge 19 clean sheets. That led to a magnificent 27 returns in his 36 played.

This season is no different. Cancelo has already scored one goal and kept three clean sheets in his first seven premier league matches. That great form has also been shifted into his Champions League performances. Cancelo has already notched up 21 points in his first two matchdays. These points consist of three assists and two clean sheets, more returns that games played.

Although expensive, Cancelo remains as one of the must haves in the game. His attacking potential in any given game could be dangerous to non-owners, especially considering his high ownership. For those reasons. The Portuguese defender makes the top picks for Matchday 3.

Rúben Dias

We’ve already mentioned that the Man City double up in defence could have plenty of potential. With the high ownership of teammate and fellow defender Cancelo, including a second Man City defender could be the only way to make gains if the English side actually keep the clean sheet.

Although less attacking that Cancelo, Dias still offers goal threat. Readers may be surprised to know that in the 29 matches Dias played last season domestically, the Portuguese centre back managed to score two goals and create four assists. Dias hit six attacking returns last campaign, which was shockingly just two below that of teammate Cancelo.

Dias spends a lot of time in the opponent’s box, especially when corners are taken. The big man at the back has already shown he can score this season. In Matchday 2 Dias hammered home a goal. This led to him picking up a whopping 14 points with the combination of his clean sheet.

With more offensive threat than many think, Dias could be the second investment in the Man City defence managers are looking for. The £5.6m defender comes in much cheaper than Cancelo and at a very affordable price. Rúben Dias has to be considered and for that reason, finds himself amongst the top picks for Matchday 3.

Midfielders – Bayern

As you can see Bayern have their own section in the midfielder bracket for Matchday 3. This is due to the wide range of options available to UCL Fantasy managers for the round ahead. What is more important is that managers get to see the line-ups as Bayern play in the early kick-off. This means that we can see which midfielders are playing and select any of those options available within our teams before the deadline.

Bayern remain as one of the most offensively dominant teams amongst the top teams in Europe. In their first 11 matches played, they have won seven, drawn three and lost just one. In that same period they have also scored 33 goals. That averages out at three goals scored per match. When looking for offensive players it could be wise to invest in teams hitting a high scoring average like Bayern.

The German side face Plzen in Matchday 3. The Czech Republic side are absolutely dominant domestically, they currently sit first in the league. However, question marks were answered over whether they could transfer that great form over to the Champions League. The answer was no. Plzen have now played two matches in the current UCL campaign, lost both and conceded seven along the way. This indicates Plzen as a team to target.

The options – Leroy Sané

The 26-year-old German international seems to have a knack for performing better on the biggest stage. Let’s take a look at his recent domestic campaigns. In his 20/21 season Sane played 32 matches, scored six goals and created nine assists. This led to 15 goal contributions in 32 games played.

In his previous domestic season played another 32 matches, scored seven goals and created seven assists. This led to 14 goal contributions in 32 games played. Both seasons above do reflect good form, but nothing special?

What is worth pointing out is that there does seem to be a much bigger improvement in his offensive output when playing in the Champions League. In his 21/22 campaign Sane proved this. He played 10 matches, scored six goals and created six assists. That totals out at 12 attacking returns in 10 matches, more returns than matches played.

So far in the current Champions League campaign Sane has already scored two goals, a goal in Matchday 1 and Matchday 2. We can see a pattern. Sane has consistently performed better in the Champions League and for that reason should be seen as a completely different player to his domestic form.

At £9.1m in the game Sane has already collected 23 points. His two goals and fantasy assist combined with his player of the match award in Matchday 2, means he sits as the second highest scoring UCL Fantasy player so far. With a great fixture ahead and at a more than fair price, Sane makes the list of top picks for Matchday 3.

Jamal Musiala

UCL Fantasy managers have been very patient waiting for the young Musiala to become a reliable fantasy option. Matchday 3 could become the day that happens. The 19-year-old attacker has been one of the most talked about youngsters over recent years. At such a young age Musiala is integrating himself more and more into the elite Bayern attack.

In his 21/22 domestic campaign, the then 18-year-old, was showing some fantastic potential. Starting 12 matches last season and featuring in another 18, Musiala scored five goals and created five assists. 10 goal contributions without steady game and at such a young age could be seen as impressive.

Fast forward to the new season and Musiala is both exceeding his senior attacking teammates and has already picked up half of his last season’s returns. In the six matches he has played domestically he has already scored four goals and created one assist.

Showing fantastic recent form and over £2m cheaper than teammate Sane, the £7m Musiala could be a great option for the round ahead. For that reason, he takes up his place within the top picks for Matchday 3.

Joshua Kimmich

Many UCL Fantasy managers will recognise that Kimmich was a defender last season in the game. His position gave him much more appeal as he had the ability to pick up clean sheet points. However now that he has been re-classified as a midfielder some managers will be put off, but should they be?

For those managers on a budget, Kimmich comes in at just £6.5m. The German could be an easy way into the expensive attack. His price-tag also allows managers to put their budget in other pricier options, this alone gives Kimmich plenty of appeal.

Kimmich takes the set pieces for Bayern. Fantasy managers are always seeking out extra routes to points and Kimmich offers that. In his 21/22 domestic campaign the midfielder proved his worth. In the 28 matches played he scored three goals and created 11 assists. Those 14 returns mean the German picked up an attacking return in half of his matches played.

This season that fine form has continued. In his seven league matches played Kimmich has already scored two goals and created two assists, leading to again, returns in half of his matches. The 27-year-old has already managed an assist in both his Champions League games. Those returns have put him on 15 points.

At a really good price, a cheap way into the Bayern attack and with a great fixture ahead, Kimmich becomes one of the top picks for Matchday 3.

Pedro Gonçalves


Sporting were one of the best teams to invest in last season for UCL Fantasy managers. Their great value assets proved popular, and their great performances were another reflection of that. In their nine matches in all competitions, they have won five, lost three and lost one. This could be seen as inconsistent. However, before their latest loss they racked up four wins on the bounce.

In the same nine match period as above, Sporting have scored 18 goals. That averages out at two goals scored per game. A great average when looking for cheaper options to invest in.

The Portuguese side have already hugely impressed in the latest Champions League campaign. In their two matches played so far, they have won both against Frankfurt and Tottenham. They won both comfortably and collected five goals between both games whilst also keeping two clean sheets.

Sporting face Marseille in Matchday 3. The French side made a great start to their domestic campaign. Currently sitting second in Ligue 1 should be considered highly. However, that form has failed to convert over to the UCL. They lost both of their Champions League matches to both opponents Sporting beat comfortably. This could suggest Marseille are a team to target.


Pedro Gonçalves can be one of the most exciting attackers around at times. The 24-year-old has perked the interest of some of Europe’s biggest clubs. In his 20/21 season the Portuguese attacker proved a top-class returning rate. Gonçalves played 32 matches, scored a whopping 23 goals and created three assists. This totalled out to 26 goal contributions in 32 games played.

His great domestic form only let up slightly last season. Gonçalves played 27 matches, scored eight goals and creating nine assists. This meant he came away with 17 goal contributions in 27 games played. This season the attacker has stepped up his game. In the seven matches played in the Portuguese league he has scored four goals and worked up three assists. Seven returns in seven matches shows elite form and another factor backing Gonçalves as a great pick.

After a slow start in Matchday 1 £7.5m Pedro Gonçalves improved for Matchday 2 with his assist. The Sporting man not only takes set pieces, but also takes the teams penalties. Penalties can be a huge factor when selecting an attacker.

With a great fixture ahead and in brilliant form Gonçalves also offers different routes to points. His back-to-back 18 pointers last season sits as a reminder of his true potential and for that reason walks into the top picks for Matchday 3 with ease.

Mohamed Salah


Many fans are aware of just how good Liverpool can be. But have they forgotten? Last season the English side made it all of the way to the Champions League final before a shock defeat saw opponents Real Madrid lift the trophy. The motivation to go all of the way will likely be strengthened.

Although great, Liverpool have started the season poorly. In their first eight matches in all competitions, they have won three, lost two and drawn three. This shows huge inconsistency, but after their important 2-1 win over the very strong Ajax, it may be just a matter of time before we see the true Liverpool.

Liverpool face Scottish side Rangers in Matchday 3. Although dominant in their own domestic league, that has been nowhere near the case in the Champions League. Rangers were dismantled by both Napoli and Ajax. They also conceded seven goals in Matchday 1 and Matchday 2 combined. For that reason, Rangers have to be considered as a team to target.


Mohamed Salah holds the hefty price-tag of £11m, but is he worth it? Last season, amongst all players in the Premier League, Salah was joint first for goals scored, first for goals in the box, first for attempts on goal and first for big chances total. A reminder of how good the Egyptian can be.

Last season those stats contributed towards his end of season tally. In the 35 matches played Salah scored 23 goals and created 13 assists. This totalled a massive 36 goal contributions; meaning he returned in more matches than he played.

This season, although he has started slow, Salah still takes up very offensive positioning. The Egyptian’s midfielder classification could be easily factored into his appeal. Not only does Salah have the potential of an extra point for the goal but could also receive an extra point if his side keep the clean sheet.

Below we can see Salah’s heatmap for this season so far. Although an in-game midfielder it is obvious that he plays as a wide forward. This means he can get as close to the oppositions goal as forwards. With plenty of offensive positioning in the opponent’s box, the appeal of Salah only strengthens.

So far this season Salah has played six matches in the Premier League, scoring two goals and creating two assists. Although to his standard four goal contributions in six matches could be seen as poor, it is still very good. Salah also scored against Ajax in Matchday 2, reminding everyone just how dangerous he can be.

With the limited options up front in the round ahead, the value could be in midfield. Against a very poor defensive unit in Rangers and taking penalties, his additional points for goals and clean sheets make the Egyptian a fantastic option for the round ahead. There can be no doubt Salah makes the top picks for Matchday 3.

Noah Okafor


Austria side Salzburg continue to impress football fans. Standing first in their own league they have shown over the last several years they are a team that should not be underestimated. In their first 11 matches in all competitions, they have won seven, drawn three and lost one. The form already suggests they could be a worthy investment.

In the same 11 match period Salzburg have also scored 24 goals, averaging at 2.1 goals per match. Salzburg can score, that was shown against both AC Milan and Chelsea in Matchday 1 and Matchday 2. The Austrian side face Dynamo Zagreb in Matchday 3.

Although dominant in their own league there are question marks over both the quality of their defence and the quality of the competition in their domestic league. This was answered by AC Milan who managed to put three goals past the Croatian side. With that there could be potential in investing in any team playing against them.


Noah Okafor became a popular asset in last season’s UCL Fantasy game. The midfielder represented fantastic value for money and was interestingly one of Salzburg’s star players to remain loyal to club after teammates Adeyemi and Kristensen left in the summer.

The 22-year-old Swiss attacker comes in at £7.6m in the game. In his 21/22 campaign as a 21 year-year-old Okafor proved to be one of the best attackers in the league. He 21 matches for Salzburg, scoring nine goals and creating eight assists. That totalled to 17 goal contributions in 21 games played, which was very impressive.

This season his great form has continued. We can see below Okafor’s heatmap. Although a midfielder in the game, Okafor can play in the most advanced position on the pitch. We can see vast positioning in the opposition’s box. This suggests that Okafor could be playing out of position in regard to his in-game position.

This season the Swiss attacker has kept up his impressive numbers. In the eight matches played so far, Okafor has scored five goals and created one assist. This great form has also translated into his Champions League form. In the two UCL matches Okafor has played he has scored in both. This was also even more impressive when considering how good the opposition are.

Playing close to a striker role, Okafor could arguably have an edge over the other forwards. Similar to Salah he can also pick up an extra point for both a goal and if his team manage to keep the clean sheet. For those reasons above Okafor has to be considered and so makes his way into the top picks for Matchday 3.

Real Madrid

Real Madrid are the second team, after Bayern, to have their own midfield section. The current Champions League holders are in fine form. Incredibly, in the nine matches the Spanish side have played, they have won all of them. Providing one of the best forms in all competitions, Read Madrid have to be considered for investment.

In that same nine match period the Spanish giants have put away 24 goals. This means that on average Real Madrid have scored 2.6 goals per match. This rings as another reminder that investing in the attack could be highly beneficial for UCL Fantasy managers.

Real Madrid face Ukranian side Shakhtar Donetsk in Matchday 3. Although in great form in their own league they have now concede in their last three matches on the bounce. Two of those teams were both well beaten by Real Madrid.

Vinícius Júnior

The 22-year-old stands out as one of the best players in the world. This is only reinforced by his numbers last season. In the 35 matches Vinícius Júnior played he scored 17 goals and created 10 assists. Some fantastic numbers totalling 27 goal contributions.

That brilliant form has only continued in the new season. In his six league matches so far, Júnior has hit four goals and picked up one assist, leading to five attacking returns in the six games played. His early UCL form has also been solid. In the two matches played he has also collected a return in both matches, a goal and an assist.

Vinícius Júnior will cost managers £10m. Although pricey, the Brazilian could be well worth the buy. His great from overall reflects that of an elite player and for that reason has to be included into the top picks for Matchday 3.

Federico Valverde

With the large number of options this week, Federico Valverde could be an easy way into the Real Madrid attack. The Uruguayan has enjoyed a nice run of starts for the Spanish club. His price could be a huge factor for the round ahead. Valverde sits at just £6.5m in the game. Bringing in the midfielder could mean managers have the ability to spread their funds elsewhere, whilst also covering the Real Madrid attack.

In the Spanish league so far, Valverde has re-paid his managers faith by scoring three goals and creating one assist. That great start to the season only moved its way into the current UCL campaign. Racking up 18 points, Valverde created an assist, scored and picked up the player of the match award.

After a great start domestically and in Europe we could see Valverde continue that in Matchday 3. For those that can’t quite squeeze Vinícius Júnior into their fantasy teams, the in-from budget priced Valverde could be a great pick for Matchday 3.

Forwards- Harry Kane


Tottenham have started the season quite strongly. In the nine matches they have played this season they have managed to win six, draw two and lose once. This shows great form. That great form has been hit and miss in the first two matches in the UCL. Beating Marseille and losing to Sporting could suggest inconsistency. However, after their loss to Sporting, Spurs then went on to win 6-2 against English side Leicester.

In the same nine match period Tottenham scored 20 goals. This averages out at 2.2 goals per match. An impressive average considering they seem below their usual scoring ability. With great winning form and a very good scoring average, Tottenham could be a side to invest in.

Tottenham face Frankfurt in Matchday 3. The German side have been inconsistent this season. In their first 11 matches they have won five, lost four and drawn two. They have also conceded a massive 18 goals in that same period. This means on average, Frankfurt are conceding 1.6 goals per match. A huge indicator that they are a team to target.


Harry Kane has been one of the best strikers in the Premier League for some time now. In his 20/21 domestic season, the English striker managed an incredible 23 goals and 14 assists, 37 goal contributions in 35 matches played.

Last season was another great showing of talent by the £10.5m forward. He finished on 17 goals and nine assists, 26 goal contributions in his 37 matches. This season he has picked up where he left off. After seven matches of the current campaign Kane has scored six and created one assist. This means that the forward has returned, on average, a goal contribution in every match so far.

In top form, taking penalties and facing an inconsistent opponent, Harry Kane is tough to leave out of the top picks for Matchday 3.

Ferran Jutglà

Club Brugge

Club Brugge have shown fans they are not a team to be swept aside through their Champion League performances. In their first 12 matches in all competitions the Belgian side have won nine, lost two and drawn one match. A strong showing considering they have already played two matches in the UCL.

In that same 12 match period, Club Brugge have also notched up 25 goals. This averages out at two goals scored per match. Considering we know the assets in their team are cheap, it is a very strong scoring average.

Club Brugge play Atletico Madrid in Matchday 3. Although historically defensively strong, that may not be the case anymore. In their last eight matches, the Spanish side have won four, lost three and draw one. This shows some inconsistencies already. In that same period of games, Atletico have only managed to keep just two clean sheets. This is another factor backing the appeal of a cheap Club Brugge attacker.


Ferran Jutglà comes into the game at the hugely cheap price of just £5.5m. Finding cheap assets in the game will always be detrimental to enabling the pricier options within our teams. The 23-year-old striker is on penalty duty. Another massive factor upon selecting a player.

After joining in the summer, Jutglà has become a sensation for Club Brugge. The Spanish forward has already scored five goals and created three assists in his nine domestic league matches. In addition, Jutglà also collected a 14-point haul against Porto. Those points consisted of a goal, an assist, a penalty won and the player of the match award.

With five goals in his last five matches the Club Brugge attacker could be a very easy selection. His fantastic enabling price-tag comes with even better form. Against an out of sorts Atletico, Ferran Jutglà makes it into the top picks for Matchday 3.

Erling Haaland

Man City

Man City remain near the top of the Premier League table and that shows no sign of changing. Offensively there is no change. Amongst all teams in the league, they are first for goals scored, first for goals in the box, first for goal attempts and first for big chances total. A small indicator already they are worth the investment.

In their first 10 matches Man City have put away 30 goals, averaging three goals per match. The English league holders maintain one of the best scoring averages amongst the top teams in Europe. This is another factor to consider when looking for team to invest in.

The English side take on the inconsistent Copenhagen next up. The Danish team sit ninth in a league they should arguably be dominating. Not only this but they have also conceded 14 goals in their last 10 matches in all competitions. This average out at 1.4 goals conceded per game.


Haaland continues his rampant and relentless start to the season with his new club. In the Premier League he has put away 11 goals and created one assist in seven matches. This world class form has also extended to the Champoions league. In his two UCL matches played, Haaland has scored three goals. In both the Premier League and the Champions League, the striker has picked up more returns than matches played.

Haaland sits at £11.1m but he is truly worth that. A great fixture lays ahead and in the form he is in, UCL managers will do well to include him. Not only was one of the first names into the top picks for Matchday 3, but he also should be considered for captaincy.



PSG are up there as one of the best performing teams in Europe. In their first 11 matches the French side have picked up 10 wins and one draw. That great form has also been replicated in the Champions League as they have won both of their matches so far.

In that same 11 match period, PSG have scored 35 goals. That averages out at 3.1 goals scored per match. For UCL managers looking for teams who score three or more goals per match is key. PSG play another in-form team in Matchday 3. They face Benfica. The Portuguese team have won every single game they’ve played this season. Although a tough opponent lays ahead, is that scoring average too hard to ignore?

The PSG attack has three key players within it. Messi, Mbappe and Neymar all make up the deadly trio. UCL Fantasy players have always struggled deciding on which attacker to go for. However, it’s the Brazilian and £10m Neymar that comes in at the cheapest price. For those managers not using Limitless, they could look to him.


Laat season, in the French league, Neymar played 22 matches, scoring 13 goals and creating six assists. This led to 19 goal contributions in 22 games played. That form has only improved this season. In the eight games he has played so far, he has scored eight goals and created seven assists. With 15 goal contributions in eight games played, the Brazilian has nearly doubled his matches played with attacking returns.

In excellent form, and the cheapest way into the PSG attack, Neymar could be the player to invest in. Although they have a meeting against an in-form Benfica, it could be worth covering that deadly attack. For those reasons, Neymar has been selected into the top picks for Matchday 3.

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