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UCL Fantasy top picks for Matchday 2

The next round of Champions League is close. We take a look at the UCL Fantasy top picks for Matchday 2. In addition, we take into consideration that some managers will also be looking to use the limitless chip for the round ahead.

Taking a look at the UCL Fantasy top picks for Matchday 2 could be vital to both getting back on track or maintaining those successful starts to the campaign. Using stats, heat maps, player and team form we can shortlist some of the best players with the most potential for Matchday 2.

Note: This article was written between the 7th-9th of September, for that reason stats will inevitably change.

Goalkeepers-Alex Meret

Italian team Napoli play in the early kick-off. This means that UCL Fantasy managers will be able to react to the line-up news within their own fantasy teams. Napoli continue their impressive start to the season as they reside second in Serie A, the domestic league.

Napoli face Rangers in Matchday 2. The Scottish side have shown time and time again they cannot maintain form in Europe. Although dominant in their own league, their first match was met with defeat against Ajax. Rangers both failed to return and offer up much attacking threat.

£5m Meret comes in at a great price and has already banked two clean sheets in his last five domestic matches. Although failing to register a clean sheet against German giants in Matchday 1, he still returned four points for his six shots saved.

With a good fixture ahead against a team who struggled to score in Matchday 1, Meret comes in at a nice price. Taking everything into consideration, he makes his way into the top picks for Matchday 2.

Jan Oblak

Atletico Madrid have always been known for their fantastic defensive play. Historically The Spanish side have played within a defensive set-up which has been utilised to one of the highest standards in European football by manager Simeone. So far Atletico have kept two clean sheets in their last five matches domestically.

The well drilled Spanish defence face a meeting against German side Leverkusen in Matchday 2. In their last seven matches since the start of the season Leverkusen have lost six. This shows very poor team form and only adds to the appeal of investing in the Atletico defence.

29-year-old Slovenian and £5.5m goalkeeper was a doubt for Matchday 1 but managed to start against Porto and is now fully fit. Last season Oblak collected 12 clean sheets in his 38 matches this season, showing just how much potential he has.

With a nice fixture ahead Oblak also plays on the Tuesday. this means if he fails to return, we can bring on another goalkeeper in replacement of him. Playing for a very defensive team against an opponent struggling for results means he makes the top picks for Matchday 2.

Edouard Mendy

News came out over the last week that Tuchel was sacked by Chelsea. Results were not good and the constant change at the back meant that the Chelsea defence could not settle. Former Brighton manager Potter has now been appointed. Brighton, although a regular top 10 team have tended to maintain a very strong defence. That has also been backed up by their great underlying stats. Potter is ready for the Chelsea job which means the defence will be his first priority.

Chelsea have the ability and quality to sustain a great defensive record, they showed this last season as they were in the top three teams in the league for underlying defensive stats. With a new manager and the quality in defence, we may see an immediate defensive response.

The English side face Salzburg in Matchday 2 at home. Salzburg have a great knack for scoring goals in their domestic league and that was reflected in Matchday 1 at home against Italian AC Milan when they scored. However, with the Chelsea crowd behind the defensive line and the Austrian side playing away, there could be potential.

Mendy sits at a premium price of £6m. Although he missed Matchday 1, it was confirmed that he was actually available for selection. The Senegalese goalkeeper kept 14 clean sheets in his 34 games last season domestically. In the 21/22 Champions League campaign Mendy proved to be a great asset as he picked up five clean sheets in his nine matches.

Getting further clarification on Mendy’s condition will be key. The premium goalkeeper proved to be one of the finest goalkeepers in Europe last season. With a good home match next up and a new manager we could see Mendy have solid potential for the round ahead. For those reasons Mendy is included in the top picks for Matchday 2.

Gianluigi Donnarumma

PSG have one of the most lethal attacks amongst the elite teams in Europe. But, what of their defence? Since the start of the new season PSG have played eight matches and kept four clean sheets. This could be seen as progress made because in large patches of the previous season the French side struggled to keep their opponents out on a regular basis.

The French giants face a meeting against Maccabi Haifa away from home. Although impressive in their own league there are question marks of both their quality and the quality of their competition within the league. Maccabi failed to look offensively dangerous against Benfica in Matchday 1. This was proven in that they didn’t score but were also limited for opportunities in the final third. PSG will see this as a fantastic opportunity to keep a clean sheet.

Donnarumma comes in at just £5.5m, cheaper than most of the premium goalkeepers. For Juventus in his 20/21 season the Italian kept 14 clean sheets and was highly regarded as one of the best keepers in Europe. With PSG looking to tighten up defensively and against Maccabi Haifa, Donnarumma makes his way into the top picks for Matchday 2.

Defenders – Denzel Dumfries

Italian team Inter kept a whopping 15+ clean sheets in their 21/22 domestic league campaign. Considering the competitiveness of Serie A, this could be seen as impressive. So far, this season Inter have kept just one clean sheet, below their usual high standard.

Inter play a match against Plzen in the early kick-off, this means managers can again, react to the early line-ups with transfers and chips within their teams. Although very strong domestically, Plzen play in a questionable league in terms of quality. Plzen did however score against Barcelona in Matchday 1, but were also beaten 5-1.

The Italians play with a wing back system. Fantasy mangers around the world are always attracted to wing-backs due to their high ceiling from their attacking threat. Dumfries matches just that. The Dutch defender has become one of the most exciting wingbacks in Europe due to how advanced he can play.

The Inter defender comes in at just £5.5m, which could arguably be higher for Matchday 1. We can see Dumfries heatmap below. The wingback visibly spends more time in the opponent’s half then his own, which is hugely appealing. Not just that, but Dumfries positions himself heavily in the opponent’s box. This means he is close to the opposition goals and could indicate likeliness for attacking returns.

Courtesy of Sofascore

Dumfries proved his attacking capabilities for international team Netherlands in the Euros. He netted twice in four games which highlights his potential even more. So far domestically Dumfries has also picked up a goal and an assist in the four matches he started.

With huge attacking potential, a great fixture ahead and at a reasonable price, Dumfries has to be considered in the top picks for Matchday 2.

Ivan Perisic

Tottenham have started their season very well under new manager Conte. In their seven matches already, Spurs have managed to avoid defeat in all of them. With five wins and two draws, Tottenham will be looking to continue that great form. So far Tottenham have managed three clean sheets within that same match period. This could be seen as impressive especially due to the strength of the Premier League.

A Matchday 2 meeting sees Spurs take on Sporting away from home. Although inital thoughts could suggest the game may be tough, the Portuguese side have struggled to gain consistency against lesser opposition. This has been reflected in their two wins, two losses and one draw since the domestic league started.

Tottenham look defensively strong, but they also offer fantasy managers a wingback set up. This means that a large part of their attacking play comes from the defenders. Perisic comes in at a hefty £6m but is there a risk of rotation? Thankfully Spurs play in the early kick-off which means UCL Fantasy managers can check the line ups before bringing players into their squads.

For Inter in his 21/22 domestic season the Croatian scored eight goals and created seven assists. That totals to 15 attacking returns of which he played in the same wingback position and system. This season for Spurs Perisic has already picked up two three assists and three clean sheets. This means the defender has collected six returns from the seven matches played.

Courtesy of Sofascore

We can see from the heatmap above that Perisic loves to get forward. This appeal is furthered by his positioning just outside the opponent’s box. In addition, the positioning inside the box is even more promising for potential investors.

Playing in a well drilled team, having huge potential from wing-back and playing against an inconsistent side, Perisic makes his way into the top picks for Matchday 2.

Nuno Tavares

Marseille continue their fantastic start to the season domestically. The French side currently sit second in the league just behind leaders PSG. In the last seven matches in all competitions, they have won five, lost one and drawn one, impressive form.

The home side face Frankfurt in Matchday 2. The German side have shown huge inconsistency in all competitions so far. In their last eight matches they have lost three, won three and drawn two. Although active in Matchday 1, Frankfurt failed to score against the inconsistent Sporting. This could indicate a good possibility of a home clean sheet.

Marseille also play in a wingback system. This means their defensive assets become even more attractive for UCL managers. This is where new signing and Tavares comes in. After a poor run at Arsenal last season the Portuguese defender looks to finally be settled.

Fantasy managers are always on the lookout for bargains to enable their teams and Tavares offers that. At just £4m Tavares becomes one of the cheapest priced players in the game. Finding options like these can really help enable the pricier options within our teams, his price becomes a huge factor in this case.

We can see from the heatmap below just how attacking Tavares can be. His willingness to push forward is reflected in that he spends more time in the opponents half than he does his own. Furthermore, the heavy positioning in and around the opposition’s box is even more exciting from a UCL Fantasy point of view.

Courtesy of Sofacsore

So far this season Tavares has managed three goals from wingback. With his three clean sheets this totals up to six returns in his last seven matches. Against an inconsistent Frankfurt and at an excellent price, Tavares makes the top picks for Matchday 2.

Theo Hernández

AC Milan have started their season very well. In fact, the Italian team are unbeaten in their last six matches with three wins and three draws. Last season Milan kept a clean sheet in more than half of their matches played, a fantastic total and one of the best amongst the Europe elite. This could suggest buying into the AC Milan defence a great call.

The Italian side play Dinamo Zagreb in Matchday 2. This is an early Wednesday match, so managers have the opportunity to see the line-ups and bring in their assets if playing. The Croatian side are in great from domestically and even shocked in Matchday 1 with a 1-0 win against Chelsea. However, there are still some question marks on their quality.

Theo Hernandez comes in at the premium price of £6m, but for those on limitless, cost doesn’t matter. Even so, his clean sheet potential isn’t the only reason why Hernandez could have a great matchday. Last season domestically the French defender managed to score five goals, create six assists and keep 13 clean sheets. That totals to a huge 24 returns in the 32 matches he played last campaign.

Hernandez comes at a steep price but his clean sheet potential combined with his attacking threat means he could be a fantastic option for the round ahead.

Reece James

We have already touched upon the potential the Chelsea defence has with a new manager coming in. As well as the quality Chelsea possess in defence. Finding defensive stability will be crucial and for that reason we could see the Chelsea defence back to their best sooner rather than later.

Chelsea also play with the wing-back system, meaning that a lot of their goal threat can come from the defenders at times. Reece James is up there with being one of the most dangerous wing-backs in Europe. Last season he played 29 matches in the Premier League, scoring five goals and creating nine assists. With 14 attacking retruns last season his attacking potential is clear.

We can see from the heat map below that James has continued that offensive intent this season. We can see that not only does James spend more time in the opponent’s half, but he also takes up positioning in the opponent’s box. Something fantasy managers are always looking for.

James also takes set pieces which gives him an additional route to points. With a goal and an assist already, £6m James could one of the best defensive picks of the matchday. His potential for both clean sheets and attacking returns hints at great potential for the round ahead. Reece James has to be considered in the top picks for Matchday 2.

João Cancelo

Man City have shown one of the best defensive forms in recent years and that doesn’t look like changing anytime soon. Amongst all teams in the Premier League, they are joint first for clean sheets kept, first for shots on target conceded, first for total attempts conceded and first for shots on target conceded.

The English side have continued that great defence in the Champions League. In Matchday 1 they again, kept a clean sheet, showing they can transfer their top form over. Man City have a fixture against Dortmund in Matchday 2. The Germans netted three goals in Matchday 1 but only scored one single goal in three of their six games in all competitions. This could indicate there is a lack of goals when against tougher opposition.

In the 21/22 Premier League season Cancelo played 36 matches, scored 1, created seven assists and kept a huge 19 clean sheets. This took his tally up to 27 returns in 36 matches. That impressive return rate only continued last season in the UCL. In his nine matches in the Champions League last campaign, he took away two goals, three assists and three clean sheets. That resulted in eight returns in nine matches.

Cancelo has already shown he can replicate that great form this season. The Portuguese defender has already scored in the Premier League. In addition, the Man City defender also had a fantastic Matchday 1. Against Sevilla he created two assists and kept a clean sheet.

Cancelo comes in at the premium price of £6.5m but is arguably worth that. Playing for one of the best defensive sides in Europe and already scoring and creating goals, it becomes very difficult to leave Cancelo out of any UCL Fantasy side.

Achraf Hakimi

We already covered the fact that PSG do seem to be keeping an ok number of clean sheets. With a meeting against Maccabi Haifa the potential is there, and PSG will be hoping to use this game as a chance to prove they are strengthening at the back.

Hakimi comes in at a premium price of £6m, but is he worth that? Not only does the Moroccan have clean sheet potential but he is excellent going forward. In the recent African Cup of Nations Hakimi played five matches, scoring two goals and keeping two clean sheets. For the group stage he was fantastic and a great asset for those that played the African Cup of Nations Fantasy game.

This season domestically we can still see that attacking threat remains from his wingback position. In the six matches already played Hakimi has picked up two goals, one assists and two clean sheets, meaning a return in five of his six games played.

Courtesy of Sofascore

We can see from the heatmap below that Hakimi loves to get forward. The majority of his play is primarily in the opposition’s, this shows huge attacking potential. We can also spot a lot of positioning in the opponent’s box which furthers his appeal even more.

Showing fantastic attacking threat and the chance at a clean sheet, Hakimi makes it into the top picks for Matchday 2.

Midfielders – Khvicha Kvaratskhelia

Napoli have started their overall season very strong. In their first seven matches of the new campaign, they have won five and drawn two, without a loss. This shows fantastic form and that is also the case in terms of their offensive ability. In that same seven match period the Italians have also scored a huge 19 goals, averaging 2.7 goals per match.

Rangers lay ahead for Napoli. The Scottish side, although strong domestically, Rangers have conceded 16 goals since the start of the season, although they have played 16 matches this could be seen as good, however, a huge eight of those goals conceded were in their last 2 matches against tougher opposition.

Khvicha Kvaratskhelia has now started six of his last seven matches and even started the last Champions league match, this is a great sign that his minutes look good enough to invest in. The 21-year-old is young but has shown great potential already this season.

Kvaratskhelia has already played six matches, in that time he has scored four goals and created two assists. This tally means the midfielder has hit a cool six returns in six matches, very effective when playing.

We can see from the heatmap above that Kvaratskhelia predominantly plays as and advanced winger, similar to the likes of Salah from Liverpool. With plenty of positioning in the opponents half the young attacker is advanced enough to add to the appeal of investing in him.

One of the biggest factors that the Napoli man has is his price. He sits at a great enabling price of just £5.5m. This mean fantasy managers can fit in the pricier options with his inclusion. With a great fixture ahead, great attacking potential and at a great price Kvaratskhelia becomes a top pick for Matchday 1.

Leroy Sané

Bayern have maintained one of the best forms in Europe in all competitions for some time now. In their first eight matches they have won six, drawn two and are yet to lose a single match. The Germans scoring form also remains as one of the best in Europe, they have now notched up 29 goals, averaging 2.9 goals scored per match. An attack definitely worth investing in.

The German giants face a huge match against Barcelona in Matchday 2. Although the Spanish side have kept three clean sheets in their first six matches, they have shown some frailties at the back. This was reflected when they conceded to Plzen in Matchday 1.

One way into the elite attacking team could be that of Sane. Last season domestically the German international played 32 matches, scored seven and assisted seven. That totals up to 14 attacking contributions. His 21/22 UCL campaign was even more impressive. In the 10 matches he played in the Champions League last season Sane scored six and created a further six assists, leading to 12 returns in 10 matches.

Showing some huge UCL Fantasy performances last season Sane continues his great form into the new campaign. In his last match against Italian side Inter he scored, created an assist and collected a player of the match award, taking his total points from Matchday 1 to 14 points.

The German costs just £9m, a cheap price playing for such a dangerous team. His Champions League form remains in great shape and for that reason becomes a top pick for Matchday 2.


Celtic have proven to be top of the pile in regards to domestic football in Scotland. In their first eight matches they have managed an incredible seven wins and just one loss. That loss being against Spanish Champions League holders Real Madrid. In that same period the Scottish side also netted a whopping 29 goals. A team worth investing in with the right fixture.

In Matchday 2 Celtic come up against Ukranian side Shakhtar Donetsk. Although sweeping aside Leipzig during Matchday 1, there have been defensive slips. During pre-season Shakhtar conceded a huge 16 goals in the six matches they played, averaging 2.6 goals conceded per match.

Jota prices at just £6.5m, a price category struggling for options in the matchday ahead. The Portuguese attacker had a very promising 21/22 domestic league campaign. In the 29 matches he played Jota hit 10 goals and created 10 assists, showing two strong routes to points in UCL Fantasy.

This season Jota has maintained his great form, some would say bettered the rate he is returning at. In the six matches Jota has played so far this season the cheap midfielder has four goals and four assists, more attacking returns than matches played.

Jota plays predominantly as a left advanced winger; this means that he plays in a very offensive role with lots of heavy position into the oppositions box. At just £6.5m and in fantastic form, the Portuguese midfielder makes it into the top picks for Matchday 2.

Raheem Sterling

It has now been confirmed that former Brighton boss Graham Potter will take over at Chelsea. Along with this news came the news that the Premier League have suspended matches ahead of the Champions League game. With plenty of time to re-group and adjust to the new manager, Chelsea could be on their way to good form once again.

Chelsea play Salzburg in Matchday 2. The Austrian side show strong form both in their own league and offensively but can still concede goals. Last season Salzburg failed to keep as many clean sheets as expected in the Champions League and opposition attacking players tended to find a way to break them down and score goals. This means finding an attacking asset from Chelsea could be beneficial.

In the heatmap below it shows where Sterling utilises his position on the pitch. We can also see positional versatility with movement on both the left and the right win, this could indicate his game time is safer. The English winger looks to be predominantly playing on the left side of attack and has plenty of movement in the opponent’s box.

This season Chelsea have struggled to maintain any sort of rhythm in terms of form. However, Sterling has still impressed. In his six matches played in the Premier League so far, he has returned three goals and one assist, good for a team that is supposed to be out of sorts.

Sterling comes in at a high price of £9.5m. However, with a new manager, against a team who can concede goals, Sterling becomes a top pick for Matchday 2.

Vinícius Júnior

The Champions League holders are in fine form already this season. In their first six matches in all competitions, they have managed to win them all. If that wasn’t promising enough, within that same period they also managed to score 16 goals, averaging 2.6 goals scored per match.

Real Madrid face Leipzig in Matchday 2. The German side have failed to find any form consistency in all competitions. That is reflected in their four losses, two draws and two wins. Not only that, but Leipzig have also conceded a huge 18 goals in that same period, averaging 2.2 goals conceded per match. A team that has to be targeted.

Vinicus Junior entered the game as a midfielder after taking a position change on last campaign from a forward in-game. This means that the Brazilain receives an extra point for scoring and an additional point if his team manages to keep a clean sheet.

£10m Junior comes at a high price but his fantastic form warrants it. Last season domestically the super star played 35 matches, scored 17 goals and created 10 assists, totalling 27 attacking returns in 35 games. That top from was also the theme in the 21/22 UCL campaign. He played 13 matches on their way to winning the trophy, scoring four goals and creating a further six assists.

So far this season Junior has also managed to match his games played with attacking returns. In his four domestic league matches the Brazilian struck three goals and picked up one assist. This form continued in Matchday 1 where he found the net once again.

Against a very poor defensive side and in great returning form, it could be difficult to leave Vinícius Júnior out and has to be considered in the top picks for Matchday 2.

Kevin De Bruyne

English side Man City come into the new UCL campaign hungry to finally get their hands on the trophy, for that reason, have huge motivation coming into any Champions League match. Amongst all teams in the English league, they are ranked first for goals scored, first for big chances scored and first for big chances total.

Those great stats above translate into their scoring form. In the first nine matches of the season, in all competitions, they have scored a total of 28 goals, averaging out at 3.1 goals scored per match, one of the highest amongst the top teams in Europe.

Man City play against German side Dortmund in Matchday 2. Although tightening defensively, they are a team still transitioning. With plenty of new signings to integrate into the team, we could see them fold against a tougher opponent.

Kevin De Bruyne sits at a hefty price of £10.5m. But is he worth it? The Belgian has been arguably one of the best midfielders the English Premier League has ever seen. This was reflected in his 21/22 domestic campaign where he played 30 matches, scored 15 and created eight assists. That meant the midfield maestro hit 23 attacking returns in 30 matches, fantastic overall.

This season, the stats don’t lie. Amongst all players in the Premier League Kevin De Bruyne is ranked second for chances created and first for bug chances created. In his six matches so far, the midfielder scored one goal and assisted another four.

The world-class creator now has one of the best strikers in the world ahead of him in Haaland. This makes him even more appealing knowing the chances he creates are more likely to be scored, Kevin De Bruyne takes his places and becomes a top pick for Matchday 2.

Forwards – Lautaro Martínez

Inter haven’t started the season as well as they had hoped. In their six matches played so far, they have lost three and won three. However, in that same period they have only failed to score once, against Bayern in Matchday 1.

The Italian side face a Matchday 2 meeting against Plzen. Although quite dominant in their own league, there were serious question marks of their quality and the quality of the teams within their league. Those questions were answered after a serious test against Germans Bayern. Plzen were dismantled and the match ended 5-1. Conceding five goals in one match can raise red flags and this could benefit UCL Fantasy mangers in their pursuit of a striker.

Lautaro Martínez is nicely priced at £8.5m and there is an argument he could be even more with the fixture ahead. Last season in Serie A, Lautaro Martínez played 35 matches, scoring a colossal 21 goals and creating three assists. A fantastic season overall.

In the current campaign Inter’s inconsistency hasn’t prevented the Argentine from continuing that great from. In the five matches he’s played so far; he scored three goals and created an assist. With four goal contributions already Martínez will be looking to carry that form into the Champions League.

At a great price, against a great opponent to attack and in top form, Lautaro Martínez makes it into the top picks for Matchday 2.

Rafael Leão

AC Milan finally clutched the Serie A title after becoming a team many had written off for years. After a thrilling title race led by Milan last season, fans around the world have once again started taking them seriously.

So far, the Italian side are yet to lose a game. In their first six matches they won three and drew three. They face Dynamo Zagreb in Matchday 2. The Croatian club, although dominant in their own league, still continue to concede goals. Although pulling out a shock win against Chelsea in Matchday 1, they have still conceded 17 goals in their 17 matches played so far. In a league where the competition is questionable, targeting Dynamo Zagreb could be beneficial in the round ahead.

Rafael Leão has a very good price tag of £8.5m. This could be arguably raised ahead of Matchday 2. Last season the forward became a sensation and drew a lot of attention from Europe’s biggest clubs. After 34 matches played in Serie A last season Leão scored 11 goals and created eight assists, a fine tally.

The Portuguese attacker has started the new season even better. After five matches played so far, he has scored three and assisted two, averaging to five attacking returns in five games. With an assist in Matchday 1 Rafael Leão will be looking to continue his streak of returns and for those reasons makes his way into the top picks for Matchday 2.

Erling Haaland

Man City reign as the best team in the Premier League for offensive stats, which we already covered. Their superior scoring rate and quality within the team means investing in their attacking assets is always a good idea.

£11m forward Haaland continues as one of the best strikers in the world. Domestically this season, amongst all players he is first for goals, first for shots in the box and first for big chances total. This is also seen in his basic stats.

This season Haaland has took to new club Man City magnificently. In the six matches played, in the Premier League, he has incredibly managed 10 goals and one assist, averaging nearly two goal contributions per match.

With a meeting against former club Dortmund, Halaand could be set for an explosive return. Not only is Haaland a must but managers will also be considering giving him the captaincy.

The PSG attack

We already covered that there seems to be a progression in defence, but what of their attack? In their first eight matches of the season the French side have scored 30 goals, one of the best in Europe and averaging a whopping three goals scored per match. Stats that will almost certainly appeal to fantasy managers in terms of investment.

PSG play Maccabi Haifa in Matchday 2. Although dominant in their own league Maccabi showed that against Benfica in Matchday 1, that form could not be translated over to the Champions League. Benfica looked comfortable but also quite blunt in attack. Considering the Portuguese side still won 2-0 after seemingly lacking offensively raises red flags. Against one of the best attacking teams in Europe, those defensive red flags can be very beneficial for those looking to the Paris attack.


The Brazilian comes in £0.5m cheaper than Messi and a huge £1m lower than Mbappe. This could be significant factor when having to choose between all three forwards. Neymar started 22 matches last season in the French League, he scored 13 goals and created six assists.

In the Champions League campaign of 21/22 that form continued to be questionable. Neymar only managed just two assists from his six matches. However, this season, the striker has played six matches, scored seven goals and created another six with assists. This has resulted in the Brazilian collecting 13 attacking returns in that same period, averaging nearly two returns per match.

PSG faced Juventus in Matchday 1, although winning Neymar only came away with just an assist. Although that was the case one thing is clear, Neymar is in great form and for that reason enters his way into the top picks for Matchday 2.


We already know that Mbappe comes in at £1m more than teammate Neymar, but is he worth the difference? Last season domestically the French forward played 35 matches, scoring a massive 28 goals and creating 17 assists. That phenomenal form meant Mbappe managed an incredible 45 goal contributions in 35 matches, 10 more attacking returns that matches played.

Bettering Neymar domestically, that only continued in the last UCL campaign as well. In his eight matches Mbappe netted six goals whilst also creating four assists, 10 goal contributions in more matches than he played again.

This season in the French League Mbappe has played five matches and picked up seven goals. This great form was reflected in his first match of the current UCL campaign against Juventus, he scored a brace against the Italian giants.

The re-occurring theme with Mbappe is that he consistently continues to return more than actual matches played. This level is very difficult to match and for that reason, if the choice is between Mbappe or Neymar, even with the price difference, The Frenchman has to take priority and for that reason has to be considered in the top picks for Matchday 2.

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