The best budget goalkeepers in 22/23

Here we take a look at who we think could be the best budget goalkeepers in 22/23. We’ll look at potential price, last seasons data and key fixture periods. Predicting the best budget goalkeepers in 22/23 can help us when it comes to selecting our team.

Using Fantasy Football Scout – Members Area we can check fixture difficulty and underlying stats to identify factors that can help with this.

Robert Sanchez £4.5m – Brighton

Sanchez made many FPL managers teams last season due to the strength of the Brighton defence. Last season Sanchez managed a total of 126 points. His points total was actually higher than the likes of Guaita, Pickford, and Meslier who all managed to finish the game more expensive than Sanchez.

FPL have revealed that Sanchez will be priced at £4.5m for the 2022/23 season.


In terms of underlying stats Brighton were one of the top half teams defensively. Brighton were:

  • Seventh best for shots in the box conceded
  • Seventh for shots on target conceded
  • Fourth for headed attempts conceded
  • Seventh for big chances conceded
  • Seventh for clean sheets kept


Brighton play Man United, Newcastle, West Ham, Leeds, Fulham, Leicester, Bournemouth and Crystal Palace in their first Eight fixtures. Brighton only play one tough fixture in that period and so adds to the potential of having Sanchez in goal to start the season with.

Mark Travers – Bournemouth

Travers helped Bournemouth secure promotion to the Premier League after a fantastic season. The young Irishman is predicted to come in at £4.5m for the new season too.


Travers played 45 matches for Bournemouth in the Championship last season and kept a massive 20 clean sheets in the process. Averaging 2.6 saves per match showing not only is he keeping clean sheets but he is making saves to keep clean sheets.


Bournemouth play Man City , Arsenal and Liverpool in the first four game weeks which is not ideal. However after that the Cherries then go onto play Wolves, Nottingham Forest, Brighton, Newcastle and Brentford, Leicester, Fulham and Southampton. Eight fixtures that Travers could do realistically well in whether that be save points or clean sheets.

David Raya £4.5m – Brentford

Brentford and Raya had a pretty successful season coming up to the Premier League from the Championship. Finishing 13th Brentford finished very comfortably above the drop zone.

Like Sanchez FPL have revealed that Raya will be priced at £4.5m.


Brentford were:

  • 11th for clean sheets kept with nine. Good when looking fora good budget goalkeeper.
  • Joint sixth for shots conceded outside the box. This can be a good indication of plenty of saves and save points for Raya.
  • 10th for big chances created. Mid table is another good sign when looking at selecting a budget goalkeeper.

Raya managed eight clean sheets in his 24 matches last season for Brentford. A clean sheet in a third of his games is not bad at all for a budget goalkeeper.


Brentford play only one difficult fixture in their first 10 matches which is already a good sign. After Man United and Leicester in the first two matches Brentford play Fulham, Everton, Crystal Palace, Leeds, Southampton, Arsenal, Bournemouth and Newcastle. Some great fixtures that could indicate managers may not be disappointed when they selecting Raya at the start of the new season.

Nick Pope – Newcastle

Nick Pope is now officially a Newcastle player after signing from Burnley last week. If managers are lucky we could see Pope actually drop in price to £5m for the new season.



  • Was joint fourth for saves made with Sa with 122.
  • Kept nine clean sheets last season which was more than the likes of De Gea, Fabianski and Schmeichel.
  • Was joint third for bonus points returned
  • Made the third most saves in the box


Newcastle play both Man City and Liverpool in their opening 10 fixtures and generally have up and down fixtures throughout the season. In and around Man City and Liverpool they play against Nottingham Forest, Brighton, Wolves, Crystal Palace, Bournemouth and Fulham. A great set of fixtures overall to start the season for the England international.

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