The best time to use your chips in FPL

We look at the best time to use your chips in FPL. With impending double and blank Gameweeks coming up, managers will be hoping to get together a chip strategy to tackle the hectic weeks ahead in Fantasy Premier League.

FPL have provided managers with chips to try to gain an edge over their opponents. The chips that have been provided include the wildcard, free hit, triple captain and the bench boost. For those that still have them available, it is vital to know when the best time to use your chips in FPL.

When is the best time to use chips in general?

The most experienced FPL managers will be looking at the blank and double Gameweeks ahead for the use of their chips. Double Gameweeks can have the highest ceiling in the game, so targeting the use of your chips amongst them could be the best way to utilise your chips.


The wildcard is used for a complete change-up of your squads. Using a wildcard to prepare for the biggest double Gameweek of the season could be key. Although we are unsure when that big double Gameweek will be, it is highly likely to come towards the latter end of the season.

Some managers could also use their wildcard if they are not happy with their overall squads.

Free hit

The free hit allows managers to make as many changes as they would like. However, those changes will last one Gameweek and then your original team will return the following Gameweek. The most experienced managers tend to use their free hits in a blank Gameweek. If managers can navigate a blank Gameweek without using the free hit, it can be saved for a double Gameweek.

Triple captain

For those that still have their triple captain chip, they could be looking to target the double Gameweeks ahead. Manchester United and Manchester City both have a double Gameweek ahead so managers could have a good opportunity to use their triple captain on the likes of midfielder Marcus Rashford or striker Erling Haaland.

Of course, there will be bigger double Gameweeks ahead and so more opportunities to use it if not this time.

Bench boost

The most experienced FPL managers tend to utilise their bench boost for the bigger double Gameweeks when lots of teams play twice. Preparing a strong bench in the build-up to a big double Gameweek is highly advised.

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