Manchester City need to handle Gabriel Jesus carefully…

Gabriel Jesus

Gabriel Jesus is one of the Premier League’s rising stars. This youngster from Brazil has been grabbing a considerable number of eyeballs in recent times.

In 74 games for Manchester City FC thus far, Jesus has scored 30 goals. He can score a goal against any given opposition. The quality of the opponent’s defence line doesn’t really matter to him. He will score when he’s on song. 

What makes Gabriel Jesus so special?

His control over the ball

At 22, he can control the ball as well as anybody. The moment he gains possession, there’s no stopping him. He can completely decimate the defence lines of the opposition, if and when he is in full flow. Also, his on-field creativity deserves a special mention: you cannot keep him out of the game. Even if he doesn’t end up scoring a goal of his side, you can see him running around. This lad is brimming with energy and enthusiasm. 

His attitude

A player’s attitude speaks volumes about his temperament. Even if he doesn’t make the side, he can be seen training hard. Under Guardiola, the Brazilian forward hasn’t got too many opportunities. Quite interestingly, he has made his presence count whenever he has been given an opportunity. Manchester City has some of the finest players in their ranks, which means that opportunities coming Jesus’ way have been too few and far between. If you wish to catch him in action at The Etihad Stadium, then get your Man City tickets booked as soon as you can. 

Age is on his side

Fortunately, age is on his side. At 22, he has a good amount of experience under his belt: it makes you realise those who start early provide themselves with time to adjust according to the situations and circumstances at hand. He’s experienced, but he is a young lad who has a mountain to climb. A season or two with Manchester City can help shape his skills. He just needs to be patient. Opportunities will come his way, he just needs to keep his head down for the time being. 

It is essential for Guardiola to handle him wisely

It certainly wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that Gabriel Jesus is an exciting young prospect. Gabriel Jesus is to Manchester City what Richarlison is to Everton FC. Therefore, it is important for Guardiola to handle the youngster carefully. Football fans and enthusiasts cannot afford to have yet another Paulo Dybala.

Of late, he hasn’t had much game time. The problem is: Manchester City have a team of world-class forwards at their disposal. There is Raheem Sterling, there’s Riyad Mahrez, and then there’s the ever-so-reliable Sergio Aguero. A wealth of talent seems to be making life difficult for Gabriel Jesus.

Some of the club’s fans fear that Guardiola might end up selling or loaning out Jesus to other clubs. If he is sold, then Manchester City will end up losing a promising future star. The Sky Blues shouldn’t rush with things. They can try him out in bits and pieces: give him a few minutes of game time during one of the two halves and see how he fares. 

Selling him or loaning him out to a smaller club would be a blunder of epic proportions. You don’t get to see forwards as talented as Gabriel Jesus every second day. Manchester City FC will end up losing a pearl if they fail to handle Gabriel Jesus. 

This FPL guest post was written by Caitlyn.

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