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Breaking News Fantasy Football Community

UCL Fantasy Matchday 2 Top Picks out now!

Breaking News Fantasy Football Community

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Breaking News Fantasy Football Community

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Breaking News Fantasy Football Community

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Lessons learned 2021/22

The lull between one season ending and one season beginning is the time when FPL managers reflect. We spoke to the FPL community about the lessons that they have learned in 2021/22.

Ahead of the final Scoutcast of the season the Joe asked the community for their reflections.

We also asked some of the key members of the FPL community for the lessons they learned this campaign.

Spurs attacking assets under conte are essential.

FPL Talk

Don’t be afraid to take some hits to get rid of players who aren’t performing. Even if their EO is high. Keeping them in the team longer instead of getting rid of them soon will only delay you from getting better players in faster.

Football Chatbox – Ryan

“Ignoring” EO and prices. Too many times this season I felt as though I chose captains/players not necessarily on points floors and ceilings but on their effective ownership. I also had a similar mental block with regards to prices. Taking out a £10m+ player for a £6m? But…surely that’s a big downgrade!? We always seem to aim for every penny spent, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the best team.

Next season I will focus a lot more directly on players and ALMOST ignore EO, and certainly prices.

FPL Haul

My key lessons from this season are:

1) Don’t plan your transfers too far ahead. Players can get injured, new players can emerge and players can lose form or gain form.

2) Kane/Son are a must

3) Never miss an episode of Scoutcast

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