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FPL: @FPLReaction’ Top 3 Picks for Gameweek 35

The new round of Fantasy Premier League is edging closer so we invited regular contributor and fantasy football whizz @FPLReaction to reveal his top 3 picks for Gameweek 35. His picks are all players he thinks are going under the radar for the round ahead.

Seeing @FPLReaction’ top 3 picks for Gameweek 35 could be extremely enlightening. As we approach the deadline many within the community may be unsure when it comes to which players to buy. These three picks could help bring clarity around those decisions.

The Obvious Options

  • Dominic Solanke (£7.3m)
  • Bukayo Saka (£9m)
  • Cole Palmer (£6.2m)
  • Nicolas Jackson (£6.8m)
  • Son Heung-Min (£9.8m)
  • Erling Haaland (£14.2m)
  • Phil Foden (£8.2m)
  • Alexander Isak (£8.1m)
  • Anthony Gordon (£6.1m)

Jean-Phillippe Mateta

Well…what was Gameweek 34?! In a week full of returns many within the community decided that Crystal Palace weren’t good enough from an attacking perspective to invest, or at least for many non-free hitters. The Eagles proved those same people wrong by winning both matches and racking up seven goals in the meantime.

The issue now is that those same managers who benefitted from owning Crystal Palace attackers no longer have them in their teams. But, that and the upcoming Double in Gameweek 37 should not rule out investing in them for a longer period.

Jean-Phillipe Mateta (£5.1m) surprised the community in his recent double by bagging huge four goals and one assist. His underlying data isn’t bad either because he sits joint first for big chances total in the last six Gameweeks. So, whilst many dispose and forget about Mateta, some could bring the in-from forward back in, starting with a fixture against Fulham.

Bruno Fernandes

Manchester United have become an extremely frustrating team to watch for fans. However, although the case they continue to score plenty of goals, 11 in their last four matches in fact. This is exactly what we want as FPL managers.

Buying into the Manchester United attack now could be a very clever move I think. As well as the double Gameweek in 37, they also Burnley this week, a team who albeit have made some improvements recently, have still failed to keep a clean sheet in any of their last 10 matches.

Burnley are a team to target and Manchester United seem reliable enough to invest. Now, Alejandro Garnacho was doing enough for us to think he was the standout option, but that has changed. The return of Bruno Fernandes (£8.3m) as we have known him historically is upon us. The penalty taker has been in obscene form recently and seven goals and two assists in his last six matches is proof of that.

James Maddison

It’s a double Gameweek this week so it would be strange if one of my picks wasn’t playing twice. I think the Tottenham double is better than a lot of people think. Stats pretty much go out of the window in London Derbies and Tottenham are involved in two of them this week.

The above improves Tottenham’ chances against both Arsenal and Chelsea for me. In that case it could be worth investing in the frontline. Many will of course own Son Heung-Min going into the new round. However James Maddison could be the next best option.

Trying to triple up on Tottenham is difficult due to both injuries and form. But, with two doubles ahead I think Maddison could well pick up form. After all, Maddison always, or at least it seems, does well in double Gameweeks. We also have to remember that this is a player who has managed around 20 attacking returns in his last two seasons on the bounce, and that quality doesn’t just disappear.

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