How to: Create successful YouTube FPL content

Let’s Talk FPL (Andy) has the biggest subscriber base of all of the YouTube content creators. He talks through how to create and build a successful YouTube channel.


Making Fantasy Premier League videos actually happened almost by accident for me.

I’ve always had a bit of an obsession with YouTube, often spending time researching how people grow their channels and that kind of thing.

I’d already been part of the Scoutcast for about a year so I had most of the equipment to start making videos, and had dabbled in making YouTube videos previously for video games years before.

It was actually video games that I was looking to stream on the night I did my first ever FPL Livestream. However, for whatever reason, I don’t think I could decide on a game or get it to work, so I opted to talk about FPL instead.

From there the obsession started. Once I had 40-50 people watching (and seemingly wanting to see more), I just kicked on and carried on consistently making content.


One of the stages people fail at is literally getting started. It can be quite nerve-racking making your first video and a lot of people overthink just about everything. What will the name be? How will it look? What if the sound isn’t perfect? What if people don’t like it?

The great thing is once you’ve started you can improve on everything else as you go. If anyone wants evidence on this just go back and watch my first stream versus my last video. Whether you like my content or not, no-one can argue that production value and delivery of the content has improved massively over the years.

The great thing about FPL is you always have a reset point at the end of the season. I always see that as a good time to see if I can improve on something. Small steps are usually much more manageable.


Be consistent!

FPL is great in that there is always content to be making during the season. But it can also be gruelling to keep up with what can be a very tight schedule.

People want to know they can rely on your content regularly. You’re better off making one video that you can commit to every week than making two videos one week, then none the next.

I’d also say make the type of content you enjoy consuming and/or making. Do you like YouTube? Consider making videos. Are you more of a podcast person? Then make podcasts. Prefer live streaming to making pre-recorded videos? Then do that.

Don’t let the audience tell you what to make, you’ll never last.


The number one tip is to do it because you enjoy it. If you’re going into it trying to make mega money then you won’t last long.

As above, make sure you’re consistent. Being around for every Gameweek will be a huge help, but have a think about what you can realistically commit to, and set those expectations early to your audience so they know when you’ll be around.

Pre-season and the start of the season itself are the key times for growth, but don’t worry if you are starting out in the middle of the season. Just start now, make your first video and improve them over time as you go.

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