Fantasy Football Scout gets better

Over recent Gameweeks, the Fantasy Football Scout guys have been making a series of improvements to the members area. There are now more stats and filters to help FPL managers make their transfer decisions. Here’s a taste of the changes and how to sign up for a seven-day free trial.

Fantasy Football Scout Members Area – Player Stats

Key Fantasy stats have been added to a revamped Player Stats section.

‘Points Per Start’ only considers the points scored from when a player is in the starting XI.

Over the season, this metric highlights the risk and reward of Man City players like Riyad Mahrez. Despite only featuring 13 times from the off he averages 7.7 points per match across those outings. The second-highest tally of all outfield players to have made at least 10 appearances.

The new ‘Minimum Appearances‘ filter isn’t the only new filter option to be added in recent weeks.

You can now refine results using ‘Minutes Played Per Appearance‘, which helps weed out substitutes who make frequent cameo appearances from the bench.

This is especially helpful with the per90 filter and the ‘Minutes Per‘ stats found in the KPI Attacking tab.

Fantasy Football Scout Members Area – KPI Attacking

Setting minutes per appearance to greater than 45 minutes gives us a better picture of which Fantasy assets are performing consistently well.

KPI Attacking now includes minutes per xG (expected goals), xA (expected assists) and xGI (expected goal involvement) in addition to key underlying stats such as minutes per shot or chance created.

The site also benefits from Opta’s updated expected goals model, its first major revamp since its launch a decade ago.

Fantasy Football Scout Members Area – Expected Goals

The Expected tab in the Player Stats section features Non-Penalty Goals and Non-Penalty Goal Involvement while xG Per Shot and xG Per Goal provide new insights on player performance.

A low xG Per Goal means that a player is taking his opportunities well.

The way xG works is that for the average player 1 xG should equal 1 goal. So when we see from the table above that Son Heung-min only needs 0.7 xG to score one goal, it tells us he’s an exceptional finisher.

But aside from converting their chances, it’s also desirable that a player is getting themselves into good quality shooting positions. This is where xG Per Shot is useful.

A high xG Per Shot indicates that a player is getting high-quality goalscoring opportunities.

However, a high xG Per Shot is not the only factor to consider as we also want to ensure our potential transfer target is getting a large number of shots. A defender who registers a couple of decent efforts per season from set pieces is not the same as someone like Diogo Jota who has a high volume of shots.

This is an example where creating a custom Members table is useful as it allows us to focus our results.

Condition Filters in a Custom Members table

The ‘Conditions’ in a custom Members table act like the filters in Player Stats.

But, unlike in the Player Stats section, there’s no restriction on the filters/conditions that can be applied. So we can be much more specific with our requirements.

Custom Table Created in the Fantasy Football Scout Members Area

Having excluded players who don’t take many shots, the table above reveals who gets the best shooting opportunities. Could Sadio Mané prove to be a valuable differential for the run-in?

How to try the members area

The members area is used by a large number of the worlds best FPL managers.

The Comparison Tool is a great arbiter for choosing between players and the Rate My Team tool came in very handy when trying to identify the relative strengths and weaknesses of my team when compared to those of my rivals.

Adam Levy – FFS Member and Winner of Fantasy Premier League 2018/19.

This was my first season as a Member and to go from 80,000 to number one would not have been possible without signing up. The access was an eye-opener in terms of how many different ways there are to examine a player’s credentials alongside watching matches.

Tom Fenley – FFS Member and Winner of the 2013/14 Fantasy Premier League

Click here to sign up for a seven day Free Trial, to get a feel for all of the best parts of the FFScout members area.

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