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UCL Fantasy Matchday 2 Top Picks out now!

Breaking News Fantasy Football Community

UCL Fantasy Best Differentials for Matchday 2 are here!

Breaking News Fantasy Football Community

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Breaking News Fantasy Football Community

FPL Top Picks for Gameweek 8 out now!

Essential tools for matchday: Live FPL

With the FPL season now here we overview one of the best and most useful tools around, Live FPL . We’ll see why so many experienced FPL managers use Live FPL and some of the amazing features the site has to aid managers in their seasons ahead.

Although fantastic the main FPL website and app does lack some of the things FPL managers may want to do during their season. Being able to access things like ownership, a transfer planner and many other things help experienced FPL managers up their game using the Live FPL site.


One of the more basic tools on Live FPL is being able to see to the current ownership within your teams. Being able to see our players live ownership both within the entire game base and the ownership of players within the top 10k ranked players.

When looking right of our teams we can see our rank. This changes through out any given gameweek and gives managers the ability to see how different events affect their ranks during matches.


Live FPL also gives managers the ability to track the captaincy. We can see which players are the most captained in any given gameweek. This gives us an indication of which players could be great differential captains and so can gain you more rank but also shows which players that could do more damage to your rank if you haven’t captained a player too.

You can see both captaincy ownership in both the top 10k ranked players and overall.

The best managers

Users of Live FPL also have the tool to track some of the best overall ranked managers of all time. Keeping tabs on some of the most experienced managers in the world could really help improve our game overall.

Transfer planner

The transfer planner gives managers the opportunity to change their team however they like without it affecting their actual teams. Managers can map out their transfers for gameweeks ahead and see how their teams shape up looking ahead.

Players can also build different drafts here too. When looking to wildcard or free hit we can see how our teams would look when playing a chip.

Other features

There’s so many tools on the site that can help. We can check the most owned players in any given game week, how points from ever player can affect our ranks positive or negative, a brand new fixture ticker and much more. Make sure you sign up for free today to enjoy all of the fantastic tools available.

For more information on the Live FPL transfer planner take a look at our article here.

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