Community score predictions results

Our community score predictions panel have been predicting the outcome of the matches since Gameweek 9. Each week they have stated what they think the scoreline will be in each of the fixtures and what this might mean for FPL. We review the season to see who predicted the most results correctly in 2021/22.

FPL managers consider what they expect to happen in the fixtures when they are deciding on their priority transfers and who to bench. They weigh up:

  • Who will win?
  • Will there be a clean sheet in this match?
  • How many goals can I see being scored?
  • How many players do I want to play in this game?

Gameweek 38

Gameweek 38s top scoring player Tottenham’s Dejan Kulusevski

The panellists correctly predicted the result correctly 39 times in Gameweek 38. FPL Rabbi correctly predicted the scoreline in two of the fixtures. El Statto, Pilot Flame and FBL Thinker also correctly predicted a scoreline in Gameweek 38.

The panel were also all correct in predicting a victory for Spurs, Leicester and Chelsea.

Final Leaderboard

To keep track on how our panel are doing we have awarded three points for a correctly predicted scoreline and one point for a correct outcome but with the wrong scoreline.

  1. El Statto 169
  2. = FPL Inzaghi and FPL Shake n Bake 160
  3. FPL Rabbi 146
  4. Pilot Flame 142
  5. FPL Talking Points 123
  6. FPL Focus 95
  7. FBL Thinker 35 (Joints the competition in Gameweek 34)

Congratulations to the community score predictions winner for 2021/22 – El Statto

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