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Best differentials for Bundesliga Fantasy Matchday 2

The new season of German football continues which means the Fantasy game does too. Because of this we take a look at the best differentials for Bundesliga Fantasy Matchday 2 with the help of our expert manager and contributor @FPLPlatinum.

Looking at the best differentials for Bundesliga Fantasy Matchday 2 can be extremely beneficial for managers. Differentials are lowly owned players that if successful can help you gain rank and an edge over you mini-league rivals.

Goalkeeper – Noah Atubolu, €6.4m on sale from €7.1m, 6% owned, Bremen (H)

Freiberg’s Atubolu has been discounted this week. While Freiberg bought Florian Miller from Stuttgart for €1.5m, Steich seems to prefer Atubolu as the Flekken replacement. The academy graduate has been given the number one shirt to further cement his spot in the team.

Atubolu made three saves and picked up eight points in Freiberg’s 2-1 win away to Hoffenheim. With Werder Bremen at home on the horizon, Atubolu is the perfect differential goalkeeper for MD2!

Defender – Mats Hummels, €9.4m, 7% owned, Bochum (A)

At surface level, this may seem like point chasing. Hummels picked up 18 points during Dortmund’s 1-0 home win vs Koln. However the veteran has the potential to get another big score away to Bochum. Dortmund will be looking to make amends after last season and good performances will help settle those doubts.

Hummels put in a professional performance vs Koln and can be essential vs Bochum too. With the added threat of potentially scoring from a corner, Hummels is a great differential to consider if you’re stuck for a defender transfer!

Midfielder – Jonas Hofmann, €15.3m, 9% owned, BMG (A)

One of last season’s outstanding players proved why he’s such a great Bundesliga fantasy asset over the weekend. The German made his competitive debut for Leverkusen, picking up an assist and 12 points in a professional performance during Leverkusen’s 3-2 home win vs RB Leipzig.

Leverkusen face BMG next who conceded four goals in a 4-4 thriller vs Augsburg at the weekend, with BMG conceding 20 shots in total. This is an opportunity for Hofmann to thrive, and is one of the best midfielders in the game at the moment. Get him while he’s still low-owned!

Forward – Leroy Sané, €14.4m, 9% owned, Augsburg (H)

Sané was impressive over the weekend, picking up two goals and rewarding his owners with 16 points in Bayern’s impressive 0-4 away win vs Werder Bremen. Bayern face Augsburg at home next, who as previously mentioned, shipped 4 goals vs BMG.

Sané is incredibly likely to start and if he does, his prospects are bright. Managers should be looking to capitalise on this opportunity while Sané is still a differential, as his ownership will skyrocket given he maintains his form and space in the XI.

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