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Breaking News Fantasy Football Community

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When Will FPL Launch?

We can estimate when Fantasy Premier League (FPL) will launch for the upcoming 2024/25 season, using knowledge of previous seasons.

Right now, all Fantasy attention belongs to the European Championship – something which we’re covering in-depth both here and on Fantasy Football Scout.

But for those wondering how soon FPL will go live for 2024/25, the observation of past data can help us guess – particularly for summers that have major international tournaments.

The Premier League trophy on show


The reason we don’t know for sure is that those at FPL Towers never advertise the date. Otherwise, it’d put a time pressure on price decisions and any new in-game additions.

What usually happens is they’ll tease us with a slow social media release of key player prices to build anticipation. Then, Fantasy officially goes live.

However, this is how recent launches have played out.

2023/245 July37
2022/235 July31
2021/2223 June51
2020/21*15 August28
2019/2027 June43
2018/195 July36
2017/1812 July30
2016/1719 July25
* this 2020/21 season was different because of the Covid pandemic

The last couple were both on 5 July and the average of these seven – not including the exceptional circumstances of 2020/21 – is 36 days.

Therefore, assuming there’ll be a Friday 16 August opener, that would make the 2024/25 equivalent be Thursday 11 July.


But that coincides with the final week of Euro 2024. Maybe it’s best to compare launch dates with the summer tournaments of 2021, 2018 and 2016.

2021/2223 June11 July18 days before the Final
2018/195 July15 July10 days before the Final
2016/1719 July10 July9 days after the Final

A mixed bag here, with the most recent two surprisingly going live way before the climax. You’d think FPL would prefer the ‘it’s over but no need to be sad’ narrative.

So either they’ll slowly reveal prices over the final Euro 2024 days, to launch immediately afterwards. Or it’ll take place during a two-day gap between knockout rounds – 3rd/4th July, possibly 7th/8th July.

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