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Breaking News Fantasy Football Community

Erling Haaland comes in at £15m - The most expensive player in FPL history!

Breaking News Fantasy Football Community

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Breaking News Fantasy Football Community

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Breaking News Fantasy Football Community

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Is FPL Changing?

Is FPL Changing? It is a question many of us Fantasy Premier League managers ask ourselves ahead of every season. Whilst met with no changes in the past Official have revealed there could be some on the horizon and we will cover that right here!

Changes in the game could mean massive changes to how we play and plan as FPL managers. Knowing the changes and how they could affect the game could be critical to the players we buy, the teams we invest in and when we play the chips.

FPL Update

On Monday afternoon Official Fantasy Premier released a social post on X. That post read ‘Fantasy Premier League will be back soon, make sure you’re prepared’.

With that update came a link. Below is a screenshot with some of the information provided via the link.

We can see that they mention ‘Price reveals’ and ‘position changes’. Both are changes that Fantasy managers are accustomed to every season. However, they also state that there is going to be ‘exciting NEW features that will change your strategies and make this a season like no other’.

The above suggests that there will be change.

Is FPL Changing?

Our sister site Fantasy Football Scout asked the community for their guesses on what the changes could be.

Some like Jake below simply replied with ‘ball recoveries’. Ball recoveries have been appreciated by the fantasy football community recently. They have been a major part of UEFA games like EURO Fantasy and UCL Fantasy for some years now. Judging by the replies ball recoveries would be a welcome change for many within the FPL community.

Another very good suggestion from Stan is that we could even see a Limitless Chip added to FPL. The Limitless chip is another UEFA Gaming feature which allows its users to make as many changes to their team for one week only without budget restrictions.

@FPL_Harry was one of the most popular content creators to question what the changes might be. He too asks whether we could see changes to the chips.

One thing is for sure though, it won’t be long until we start seeing some major updates from Fantasy Premier League going off their posts and recent launch dates.

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