Community XI: Gameweek 5 Preview

Gameweek 5 Preview

There’s plenty of community tips in the Fantasy Premier League Gameweek 5 Preview.

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Fresh from the International Break, there’s big decisions to be made: with Mo Salah the hot topic for the Gameweek 5 preview.

1. Dinnery

The international break traditionally throws up lots of injuries. It looks to be good news for Zaha owners according to Ben Dinnery: he’s in contention for the Gameweek 5 preview, with a nice run of favourable fixtures ahead.

2. Wildcats

Jules Breach joined the FPL Wildcats Gameweek 5 preview video earlier this break. There’s plenty of wildcard discussion and possible transfers from the team. Is now the ideal time to activate the wildcard?

3. Hints

On the topic of wildcards, FPL Hints has shared a variety of different drafts on Twitter over the break. His latest formation involves a 3-4-3, with some big priced players making the cut: Mo Salah takes up a big chunk of the budget.

4. Surgery

The Mo Salah conundrum was one of the hot topics in the latest Fantasy Football surgery podcast. It’s tricky to find the balance when managers are wanting to also load up on premium fullbacks who have started the season with a bang.

5. Tips

There’s some interesting fixture swings over the next four gameweeks. FPL Tips identifies his watchlist for the Gameweek 5 preview, with Eden Hazard potentially at essential status having delivered in all of the opening four games.

6. Scout

Last week, we joined the Fantasy Football Scout question time feature, where Liverpool midfielders, the international break and wildcard tips were all up for discussion. You can catch all of the community answers here.

7. Hopcroft

Adam Hopcroft takes a look at goal conversion rates for the Gameweek 5 preview. While Mane and Moura have both had an excellent start to the season, long-term statistics suggest their high conversion rates are unsustainable across a larger sample.

8. General

FPL General is among many of the members of the fantasy football community who has chosen to play the wildcard ahead of Gameweek 5. Listen to his latest thoughts on squad formation in this weeks 59th Minute podcast.

9. Andy

The budget strikers are outscoring their premium counterparts right now, with 5 players under 7 million appearing in this list of top 10 strikers. Let’s Talk FPL’s Andy suggests that budget forwards should be considered in your team shape.

10. Planet

If your FPL Wildcard is active, then the rotation pairings provided by FPL Planet will be very helpful. Consider some of these options as either an attacking or defensive rotation, to free up funds elsewhere for the important premium players.

11. TV

Whether or not your wildcard is active, FPL TV has great discussion on whether you should keep or sell some popular assets. David De Gea has just one clean sheet in four games, but the fixtures are taking a turn for the better.

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