Community: Gameweek 4 Preview

Gameweek 4 Preview

The Fantasy Premier League Gameweek 4 Preview arrives just before the International Break.

The big question is who to bring in for Richarlison given his ban.

1. Académica

Many managers have decided to activate their wildcard. For the Gameweek 4 preview, Fantasian PL looks at whether an early wildcard can be beneficial for fantasy managers. It all comes via the FPL Académica blog.

2. General

The next episode of The 59th Minute Podcast is now available, with plenty of advice for the Gameweek 4 Preview. Listen to the General’s update to the watchlist, after a challenging week, plus your questions are answered.

3. Crellin

With many managers on the hunt to load up on attacking premium defenders, Ben Crellin shares the bookies perspective on their Gameweek 4 potential. Marcos Alonso looks to be the most promisng source of goals.

4. Andy

Andy from Let’s Talk FPL has the Gameweek 4 preview video, dealing with all the hot topics in the community. Alongside Alonso, get his suggestions for Richarlison replacements and strategy for Aubameyang owners.

5. Jamie

Jamie FPL takes all of August’s data to bring the very latest Formcast. Find out which players are leading the Must-Have bracket for your transfers in, plus those who are likely to explode at any moment.

6. Scout

The Gameweek 4 captain decision has been causing plenty of debate in the community. It’s Sergio Aguero who leads the way with that impressive record against Newcastle. But should you consider some other options?


7. Tips

FPL Tips updates his watchlist for the Gameweek 4 preview video. Richarlison replacements are high on the agenda, plus a couple of mid-priced midfielders that are outperforming their premium counterparts.

8. Prince

Those managers on a wildcard this week are scrambling for three premium defenders, with remarkable consistency. It remains to be seen whether they can sustain these levels, but the triple up is tempting!

9. Pundits

It’s not too late to board the Marcos Alonso bandwagon, according to the Fantasy Football Pundits. With an enticing trio of fixtures upcoming, his 30% ownership and price could rise rapidly in the coming weeks.

10. Hopcroft

As managers look to load up on the big bandwagons, some are tempted to sell Mo Salah ahead of a tougher run of fixtures. Adam Hopcroft is a strong advocate of holding the most expensive player in the game, as he maintains consistency.