Gameweek 12 Team

Gameweek 12 Team

With three flagged players, 2 free transfers come in handy for the Gameweek 12 team.

The big question for the Gameweek 12 team is what to do with James Maddison who will not feature this weekend?

Gameweek 12 Squad

Gameweek 12 Team

Here’s how the squad looks as transfers are considered for the final gameweek 12 team. Currently ranked at 1.8k, with 0.4 million in the bank, the 2 free transfers that have dutifully been rolled for so long may finally come into play.

Maddison’s place in the squad was always contentious following four blanks: the initial temptation was to keep him for a plum home fixture against a leaky Burnley defence, but the injury has caused a rethink.

Last week, Murray was brought in to replace Mitrovic, which avoided price drops and gained an extra point for the team in Gameweek 11. Being 0.1 million of Arnautovic was frustrating, especially after his 12 point haul against Burnley.

Gameweek 12 Transfers

The injury to James Maddison has given the potential to use a transfer or two for the Gameweek 12 team. A number of strategies and options are available, although the appeal of many are small.

Option 1: 1 free transfer – straight swap – 7.1 million budget 

Using 1 free transfer appeals somewhat, since it’s the International Break now and having 2 free transfers going into Gameweek 13 will be useful. A number of options come to mind in this bracket.

a) Anderson is the more expensive option that could be afforded here. He’s come off the back of a great score against Burnley and has excellent upcoming fixtures. However, he seems expensive in comparison to Arnautovic, who is a more favourable option, plus he only had 1 goal and 1 assist before the Burnley fixture. Was the opposition at fault?

b) Shaqiri has an excellent fixture this weekend, and could do plenty of damage against Fulham. A rest in the Champions League suggests that he may start this weekend, but Liverpool are pretty much at full fitness. He is a big punt and a rotation risk going forward, something that should be avoided as we reach the busy period.

Option 2: 2 free transfers – downgrade & buy Arnautovic – 6.5 million budget

Arnautovic has seen a massive rise in ownership and remains a player firmly on the watchlist given his excellent form and fixtures. Downgrading Maddison to a player priced at 6.5 million or less to afford Arnautovic too was an appealing strategy. But who?

a) Gudmundsson

Gudmundsson is getting all the traction on social media: he has 2 goals and 5 assists, plus he has 4 good fixtures in the next 5. The downside? Burnley are in a rotten run of form and even though Gudmundsson has seen plenty of set piece responsibility, Robbie Brady is now fit and could share some of these with him in the coming weeks.

b) Barkley

Last weeks bandwagon appears to be grinding to a halt. Barkley has 3 goals and 3 assists in 4 games, plus excellent upcoming fixtures. However, he is regularly rotated with Kovacic and having played 90 minutes in the Europa League, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see him on the bench this weekend.

c) Fraser

Fraser is leading the budget midfielders, with 3 goals and 5 assists this season. He’s started every game, but has been substituted a fair amount recently. The fixtures look tough on paper, with Manchester City away in Gameweek 14 on the horizon. Is it too risky to double up on Bournemouth attackers as the fixtures turn?

Option 3: 0 free transfers – Hold Maddison

It was a consideration to hold Maddison, given his upcoming run of good fixtures, but there’s currently no time frame for his return and he is out of form anyway. Added to this, Richarlison is currently flagged in our squad, Hazard is still returning from injury and Liverpool assets could easily be rested this weekend too. Camarasa may will be needed as a substitute, with Bennett and Wan-Bissaka carrying limited appeal given their fixtures.

Gameweek 12 Team

Here’s how the team lines up for Gameweek 12.

OUT: Maddison and Murray

IN: Fraser and Arnautovic

Gameweek 12 Transfers

It’s a double up on Bournemouth attackers, as Ryan Fraser is preferred to Gudmundsson. It’s a case of form over fixtures, although returns are expected in the games against Newcastle (A), Arsenal (H) and Huddersfield (H): Arsenal haven’t been great on the road this season and the other two opponents are relegation fodder. Fraser has set piece responsibility, plus his high ownership in the top 1k means we play the template. There’s options on the bench for the tough Manchester City fixture in Gameweek 12.

The funds saved from the move to Fraser meant that Arnautovic could be afforded up front. Murray has equally good fixtures, but Arnie can’t be ignored anymore and is a great option long-term. He has superb fixtures other than a home game against Manchester City in Gameweek 13, but the Champions have started to concede more big chances. He has high ownership and will be on penalty duty this weekend, since Mark Noble is suspended.

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