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@FPL_Crisk’ First Draft for Serie A Fantasy

The new season of Italian football isn’t far away now. In fact, the first round starts on the 19th of August. With that in mind we take a look at @FPL_Crisk‘ first draft for Serie A Fantasy and what the rationale is behind his picks.

Twitter is full of some of the most experienced fantasy managers in the world so catching up with one and checking out his first draft for Serie A Fantasy could be very helpful to other managers. It could bring clarity to some of the decision making in our own teams.

@FPL_Crisk’ first draft for Serie A Fantasy


After days of changing my team I have settled on this draft. Of course it is very much subject to change, and I will make some adjustments once I have a better idea of the predicted line-ups for the season.

The team is structured with a 4-4-2 or a 5-3-2 formation depending on what the fixtures have to offer. Initially I had a 4-3-3 with Cabral as the last striker and less funds in defence. However, in the end I think it is best to invest more in the backline. This is because last season defenders dominated the points chart, while forwards outside of Osimhen and Lautaro really underachieved.


Rui Patricio is nailed in my team. He is the cheapest and safest way into Roma’s defence. Caprile is an absolute bargain as a backup goalkeeper. But I’m probably going replace him to Falcone once he gets added back to the Lecce squad and doesn’t cost more than 4.8 (I have 0.6 itb to upgrade Caprile). Roma and Lecce rotate exceptionally well in the starting eight fixtures, with one always facing a bottom seven side, and with five of these easy fixtures also being at home.


I would be surprised if I went into Round 1 without one of Theo Hernandez, Danilo and Casale. Casale is incredible value playing for a top defence like Lazio. The other two options are guaranteed in terms of minutes and proven fantasy assets.

Schuurs is my way into Torino’s backline (which was one of the best of the last season). He is also cheaper than Vanja Milinkovic-Savic but should still play the full 90 minutes. I have to be careful because Liverpool and Crystal Palace could still make a move to buy him. Ehizibue is not as nailed, but with Pereyra leaving Udinese I feel he could get to the end of the 90 minutes more often than not. I feel like I’m only missing a Napoli defender, but I want to wait until they price whoever is going to be the successor of Kim (there are rumours about Danso from Lens).


Kvaratskhelia and Leao are the two most owned midfielders, and yet I don’t have any of them in my mind for Round 1. I don’t fancy Milan offensively until Round 5, while Kvara’s numbers took a steep decline in the last section of the season. I also don’t really want to double-up on premiums from the same team anyway, I feel like it reduces the point ceiling. For this reason I went Dybala as my premium midfielder (who was my favourite player to own last season).

I’m not sure about Zaccagni, but he feels like a very nice fit at his price. Nico Gonzalez lets me attack the first two fixtures very aggressively, while the other two (Ciurria and Ngonge) are attacking minded players that can rotate. I have lots of other cheap midfielders in mind like Ferguson and Samardzic, we’ll see how the situation evolves.


If there is one thing I want from my picks at the start of the season its being reliable. And the pair of Osimhen and Lautaro feels like the definition of solid and trustworthy (at least fantasy wise). Lucca will mostly be on the bench. He could also easily be any 4.6 playing striker. However if he ends up starting at Udinese he could become a worthy bet as the last slot of the team.

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