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Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 18

Fantasy Football Tips GW18 from our Fantasy Football Community ahead of the deadline.

With just six fixtures to select from and plenty of uncertainty, how should we set up in these Fantasy Football tips for Gameweek 18?

It’s worth noting that the fixtures for Gameweek 18 were changed on Monday, just over 24 hours before the deadline. Aston Villa vs Tottenham Hotspur has been postponed, with Tottenham Hotspur vs Fulham being scheduled in its place.


There’s plenty of injury news for the fantasy football tips gameweek 18, including from Old Trafford. Manchester United assets look set to be popular given their fixture this midweek and then the double next week, but a number of their defensive minded assets could miss out. This could potentially pave the way for a punt on Alex Telles for those playing Free Hit.

Free Hit

Given the mismatch of a blank followed by a double in the fixtures, with a maximum of four sides having a fixture in the blank and then two in the double, Free Hit looks set to be a popular strategy to navigate these midweek games. Bakar identifies the key clubs forming the basis of those drafts with a crucial nod to where our differentials could emerge from.


With plenty of potential transfers on the agenda for the FPL GW18 Tips, FPL Editor pinpoints five key players to consider using the powerful Fantasy Football Fix algorithm. Two heavy hitting midfielders make the cut, with our headline man Kevin De Bruyne one of the key contenders here. Those on Free Hit could conceivably pick all five, trusting one with the armband.


FPL General provides the captaincy poll for this week, with two players making the shortlist. It’s already seen 10,000 votes and shows a clear spread in the options within the community. We have pretty conclusive results here, with Kevin De Bruyne significantly more well fancied than Bruno Fernandes and other alternative options.


When shopping for a defender, it’s a good idea to check out the latest statistics courtesy of Ted Talks FPL. Manchester City are the standout team right now, with a strong argument for doubling up on their defence with upcoming fixtures in mind. Targeting Everton and Manchester City attackers against Wolves and Brighton could be an interesting strategy.


Playing a chip this week is certainly going to be popular, but managers must also be mindful of what is ahead and the best approaches to navigating future blanks and doubles also. Ben Crellin provides all the analysis of what’s to come, with his view on the value of each chip in the future. It certainly has to be under consideration before activating a wildcard or free hit chip this week.


The bookies odds can be very insightful when it comes to nailing down those selections and captaincy. FPL Salah provides the latest anytime goalscorer probabilities, with three players managing to cross the magical 50% barrier. Sergio Aguero is set to miss out due to isolating, which could pave the way for Gabriel Jesus. Kane should excel if he has a fixture.

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