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The Best Free Hit Team for Gameweek 34 is out now!

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FPL Top Picks for Double Gameweek 34 out now!

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Arsenal and Manchester City Dumped Out of the Champions League!

FPL Gameweek 31 Tips

In this article we take a look at some FPL Gameweek 31 tips. We focus on lots of different key factors this week to help you get ready for the round ahead. Here we cover lots of different things from the top picks in each position and best captain to the best options for the Wildcard and projected player points.

We are approaching the latter stages of the Fantasy Premier League season. Because of this every decision we make could be an important one towards gaining rank. With this in mind, checking out our FPL Gameweek 31 tips could be hugely rewarding.

FPL Challenge

First we start with the new FPL Challenge. This weeks Challenge sees all forwards earn double points.

In the following article we take a look at the best picks, the best captain and a FPL Challenge team reveal for the new round. You can check that out using the link here.

Projected points for Gameweek 31

Below we can see the top five players predicted to get the most points this week.

We can see that Mohamed Salah edges every other player with 9.32 points. Joining Salah in the top five are Arsenal duo Bukayo Saka with 6.75 points and Martin Odegaard with 6.18 points.

Find out who else makes the top 10 right here.

Top Picks for Gameweek 31

We also reeled off all of the the best picks in each position for Gameweek 31.

Liverpool dominate the top picks this week as they clash with the worst side in the league, Sheffield United. Arsenal’ meeting with Luton also makes them an attractive team to invest in.

Find out who the best players in each position for Gameweek 31 are in our article here.

Best Captain for Gameweek 31

Picking a captain could be really tough this week. This is because there are several viable options with great fixtures.

We compared the top three candidates in terms of team form, underlying data and more in this article here.

Best Wildcard Drafts

We take a look at the best Wildcard drafts for Gameweek 31. We focus on a draft for those without a Free hit for Gameweek 34 and for those with one.

Check out who we have included in both drafts using this link here.

We picked out some of the best differentials for Gameweek 31 in this article here.

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