FPL Double Gameweek announcement: Matches added to GW36 and GW37

BREAKING: The Premier League has just added eight previously-postponed matches to the schedule, creating FPL Double Gameweek 36 and 37.

As rumoured earlier, eight of the nine outstanding matches have now been added to the FPL calendar. They will all now take place in either Gameweek 36 and 37 – creating at least one Double Gameweek for 12 sides.

Fixtures added to Double Gameweek 36

Aston Villa vs Liverpool (Tuesday 10th May)

Leeds vs Chelsea (Wednesday 11th May)

Leicester v Norwich (Wednesday 11th May)

Watford v Everton (Wednesday 11th May)

Tottenham vs Arsenal (Thursday 12th May)

Fixtures added to Double Gameweek 37

Aston Villa vs Burnley (Thursday 19th May)

Chelsea vs Leicester (Thursday 19th May)

Everton vs Crystal Palace (Thursday 19th May)

Aston Villa 1-2 Leicester City: James Maddison & Harvey Barnes will improve  - Brendan Rodgers - BBC Sport

These teams now have a Double Gameweek 36:

ARSENAL vs Leeds (H), Tottenham (a)

ASTON VILLA vs Burnley (a), Liverpool (H)

CHELSEA vs Wolves (H), Leeds (a)

EVERTON vs Leicester (a), Watford (a)

LEEDS vs Arsenal (a), Chelsea (H)

LEICESTER vs Everton (H), Norwich (H)

LIVERPOOL vs Tottenham (H), Aston Villa (a)

NORWICH vs West Ham (H), Leicester (a)

TOTTENHAM vs Liverpool (a), Arsenal (H)

WATFORD vs Crystal Palace (a), Everton (H)

These teams now have a Double Gameweek 37:

ASTON VILLA vs Crystal Palace (H), Burnley (H)

BURNLEY vs Tottenham (a), Aston Villa (a)

CHELSEA vs Man United (a), Leicester (H)

CRYSTAL PALACE vs Aston Villa (a), Everton (a)

EVERTON vs Brentford (H), Crystal Palace (H)

LEICESTER vs Watford (a), Chelsea (a)

What’s left?

Wolves vs Man City is the remaining match to be rescheduled, alongside whichever two come up once the FA Cup final is decided. That pair will move from the weekend of Gameweek 37 but may slot into that midweek.

Deeper analysis of this announcement will arrive on Fantasy Football Community over the coming days.

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