FPL Community Chatter: Hype for Blank Gameweek 30

In order to prepare for Gameweek 30, here is a round-up of the best and most interesting FPL community content.

When scrolling through FPL Twitter, the discussion is naturally about Blank Gameweek 30. Some will Free Hit, some won’t. Whether to captain a Spurs asset, or see this as an opportunity to pick someone outrageous.

Firstly, nervous FPL captainers and triple captainers waited for news on Salah’s knock.

Mohamed Salah left the field just after scoring a penalty at Brighton on Saturday, with Liverpool set to complete their Double Gameweek 29 on Wednesday against Arsenal.

Until Jurgen Klopp gave a positive update in his Tuesday press conference.

There is also uncertainty over Dominic Calvert-Lewin’s status for facing Newcastle on Thursday.

Inevitably, his appearance in court for a driving offence led to jokes about his and Everton’s freefall.

Elsewhere, those who kept Joao Cancelo celebrated his nine points of last night, as his loss of owners continued to baffle.

Before the focus of the FPL community shifted onto the four matches of Blank Gameweek 30.

So Drafthound started with the big question, regarding Free Hit usage.

With many teams proceeding without 11, ten or even nine players, it’s a huge chance to climb up the rankings.

In fact, add the right differentials into the mix and it could fix the seasons of even the most unlucky managers.

For example, Linn believes Leicester attacking coverage is the best way to do this. But is either striker nailed-on?

Instead, many eyes seem to be on team mate Harvey Barnes – the Gameweek’s fashionable differential

A thread from The FPL Way delves into Barnes’ stats, fixtures and heat maps.

Not only that, the many games-in-hand of Leicester only adds to his appeal.

With Joe finding him amongst his ‘Goals Imminent’ table.

Finally, FPL Olympian advises against buying Brentford’s Ivan Toney if you’re not a Free Hitter.

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