Should we sell Son to fund Kane?

Harry Kane has found the form that made him an essential pick for FPL managers doing the 2020/21 season. Kane has returned in four of Spurs’ last five Premier League games including three double digit hauls, meanwhile Son Heung-Min has returned in three of these fixtures. Son’s 30 FPL points are dwarfed in comparison to Kane’s 45 in the same period. As a result FPL managers are contemplating whether they should sell Son to fund Kane. We assess whether this is a good strategy for FPL managers.

Most of this season has seen FPL managers opting for cheap forwards, as their premium counterparts hadn’t been returning. However, as Spurs have settled in to life under Antonio Conte Kane has become a key target for FPL managers once again.

When trying to invest in a premium forward FPL managers will then have tough decisions to make, especially when it comes to who to sell. For many managers the easiest route to affording Kane is by downgrading his teammate Son. Selling Son, potentially for their new team-mate Dejan Kulusevski will save FPL managers over Β£4m which would allow the budget for owning Kane.

However, is it the right decision to sell Son for Kane, or might FPL managers regret that decision?

Underlying stats

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Both Son and Kane have scored 11 goals so far this season. Son has recorded seven assists so far, whilst Kane has registered three.

Son’s underlying involvement stats are better than Kanes in all areas. These include, touches in the final third, passes received and goal involvement. However, Kane has better stats for both expected goals and expected goal involvement, whilst Son has a better expected assist total.

Curtesy of the Fantasy Football Scout members area

Kane has had more goal attempts than Son with 85, compared to 57 for Son. Kane has also had more big chances than Son, 22 to 17.

In the last six Gameweeks, Kane has had 24 goal attempts in comparison to 13 for Son. In the same period Kane has also had more big chances than Son. The forward has eight in comparison to five for Son. However, Son is the midefielder with the second most goal attempts in this period, only Bruno Fernandes has had more.

Son has created 15 chances in the last six Gameweeks, in comparison to just eight for Kane. Only five players across the league have created more chances than Son has in this period.

The underlying stats therefore suggest that both Son and Kane could be excellent picks for Gameweek 30. Making having to sell Son to get Kane a difficult decision for FPL managers.


Spurs play West Ham in Gameweek 30. Son has returned in Spurs’ last two home matches against West Ham in the Premier League. He averages 5.64 points per match against the Hammers.

Like Son, Kane has also returned in Spurs’ last two home meetings with West Ham in the league. He averages 5.38 points per match against them.

However if managers are looking to make a choice between Son and Kane then it is important to look beyond the fixture in Gameweek 30.

FixtureSon points per matchKane points per match
Average points per match for Son and Kane vs opposition to the end of the season

Between now and the end of the season both Kane and Son have good points per match averages against their opponents. Therefore both could be worthy of investment. It seems that if managers can fund both of the Spurs assets then owning both could be fruitful. However, Kane’s more recent points returns will make him a more popular choice than his South Korean teammate.

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