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FPL: Best Budget Players in 23/24

The season is now over so we take a look back and reflect on some of the most significant factors that have affected our season as FPL managers. With that in mind we pick out the top 10 best budget players in 23/24.

Looking at the best budget players in 23/24 could provide plenty of insight moving forward. Budget players are vital for FPL managers because they help to enable the more expensive options within our teams throughout the season.

1. Cole Palmer

It may come as no surprise that in at number one is Cole Palmer. The former Manchester City attacker started his 23/24 campaign with a price-tag of £5m and put that to shame as he ended the season as the highest scoring player in FPL.

Palmer’ first return didn’t come until Gameweek 7, but when it did his consistency was undeniable. His second half to the season was where he really set alight FPL though because he managed seven of his 10 double-digit hauls there.

2. Anthony Gordon

Midfielders came out on top this season as seven of them made up the top 10 highest scoring players in the game. One of those seven midfielders was Newcastle’ Anthony Gordon who started the season at just £5.5m.

Gordon managed a total of 183 points in 23/24, mostly due to 11 goals and 16 assists. His biggest haul came against Tottenham in Gameweek 33 where he notched up a massive 17 points with the help of one goal, two assists and three bonus.

3. Jean Philippe Mateta

Jean Philippe Mateta proved invaluable for many FPL managers during the 23/24. In fact, some would go as far to say if you owned him when he went big you probably had a very good season. The Crystal Palace striker started the campaign at £5m and ended it at £5.1m. 29 points in Double Gameweek 34 and 20 points on the final day were his most significant moments and moments many will probably want to forget.

4. Jordan Pickford

153 points meant that Jordan Pickford secured himself as the fourth best enabler in the game in 23/24. Most of his points came from 13 clean sheets and a huge 22 bonus points. Pickford started the campaign at £4.5m and rose to £4.8m which meant just a £0.3m change.

5. Douglas Luiz and Leon Bailey

Nothing could separate Douglas Luiz and Leon Bailey in 23/24 as both managed the same amount of points and both started the season at £5.5m. Aston Villa were fantastic last season as they claimed a third-place finish, guaranteeing Champions League football and both players were instrumental to that.

Positions 6-10

6. Carlton Morris – 146 Points

7. Morgan Gibbs-White – 142 Points

8. Matheus Cunha – 135 Points

9. Bernd Leno – 133 Points

10. Alejandro Garnacho – 131 Points

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