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Breaking News Fantasy Football Community

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Breaking News Fantasy Football Community

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Breaking News Fantasy Football Community

The 24/25 Premier League Fixtures are OUT NOW!

The FPL 23/24 Quiz

Looking to test your knowledge? After another turbulent campaign we take a look at the FPL 23/24 quiz. We ask you 10 tough questions to test your memory from the most recent Fantasy Premier League season. Our questions range from simple to difficult.

The FPL 23/24 quiz is here! Answer as many of the questions as you can below. The answers are at the bottom of the article but don’t cheat! When you have answered them all, check your memory with the answers and comment how many you got correct on our social post via X.

1. Which player returned the most points in FPL?

Clue: This player played for another club in 22/23.

2. Which team picked up the most clean sheets?

Clue: This team also scored the second most goals in 23/24.

3. Who was the highest scoring defender?

Clue: The highest scoring defender this season was a full-back.

4. How many midfielders managed more than 30 attacking returns?

Clue: Three midfielders came close with 27.

5. Which forward scored the second most goals behind Erling Haaland?

Clue: He surprised many in the final Gameweek.

6. Which defender returned a huge 27 points in Double Gameweek 37?

Clue: This defender collected 80 points in his last 10 matches of the season

7. Which striker scored three goals in Gameweek 38?

Clue: He became a hero to some and villain to others in Gameweek 34.

8. Which club conceded the most big chances?

Clue: The answer may not be whom you expect.

9. Which Manchester City player picked up the most bonus points?

Clue: This player blanked 16 times when starting.

10. Which player overperformed on their non-penalty goal involvement by 10+?

Clue: This player hit double-digits for both goals and assists.

Note: The answers lay beneath the graphic below

1. Cole Palmer 2. Arsenal 3. Ben White 4. Two 5. Alexander Isak 6. Josko Gvardiol 7. Jean Philippe Mateta 8. Luton 9. Phil Foden 10. Ollie Watkins

How did the 23/24 FPL champion win? Find out in this article here.

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