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Form and Fixture Charts for Gameweek 10

Form Fixture Gameweek 10

We’re looking ahead to Fantasy Football Gameweek 10. Here are the form and fixture tips for Fantasy Premier League.

Front Runners

Manchester City are leading the way for another week but Spurs aren’t too far behind. Both have won their last 4 Premier League games, with 5 easy wins between them. They have the best form and the fixtures don’t look too bad either. There’s a few tough matches on the horizon on paper but both look good for investment. I’d be looking to have at least two from each team ahead of FPL Gameweek 10.

Form Teams

It’s hard to look past our front runners, but Arsenal, Brighton and Manchester United all have good form records. They all have just the one poor result in their last 4 games and The charts suggest that further success is just around the corner. I’d hold Arsenal assets for Gameweek 10. It’s difficult to know what to do with Manchester United ivestment since they have a tough next two games, overall rank could influence decisions.

Fixtures Teams

There’s a real mixed bag in terms of fixtures at the moment, Stoke and Watford have the best run from Gameweek 10.  Watford have reasonable form to back it up with whereas Stoke have been struggling lately and are more of a gamble. Brighton, Bournemouth, Swansea, Liverpool and Everton all have a reasonable run but not all of them have the form to suggest they can deliver.

Ones to avoid

It’s probably best to avoid Huddersfield, Crystal Palace and West Brom for Gameweek 10 and beyond. They don’t have form or fixtures in their favour. In terms of budget enablers in our Fantasy Premier League squads, Watford and Brighton are much better options. Chelsea don’t rank highly in the charts and those managers holding their assets could be better placed investing elsewhere. Before you make any transfers ahead of Gameweek 10, read my advice regarding the League Cup.