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Breaking News Fantasy Football Community

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Breaking News Fantasy Football Community

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Breaking News Fantasy Football Community

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Fantasy Football: Is it good for you?

Our latest Fantasy Football Scout preview features a post from site regular Charlie Price on why we choose to play FPL.

I have often asked myself the question – why do I play Fantasy Premier League (FPL)? Do I know a lot about football? Not really. Lots of people have greater knowledge than myself. Do I want to win prizes? Well, it’s enjoyable to win but it’s not the reason I play.

The answer probably lies in the following.


Being able to interact and communicate with like-minded individuals via the shared interest in Fantasy Football is not only entertaining but comforting. Isolation during Covid emphasised for many the need, even if only through the written word, to have regular contact with other humans. I am lucky in that I do not live alone but for those who are not so fortunate, games such as Fantasy Premier League (FPL) provide us with the opportunity to talk to each other. Websites such as Fantasy Football Scout of course have created their own forums, which provide a platform for conversation.


Whilst communication in itself is good, it must be of a healthy nature for it to be mentally and mutually beneficial.


Meanwhile, we continue our coverage of the World Cup, as the final two matches are about to begin.

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