Community Tweets: The Lukaku Problem

The fixtures are turning for Manchester United & fantasy managers are wondering what to do about keeping him in their teams. @YahooFantasy_UK provide their insight, while @fantasyfootballfix give us a timely reminder of his popularity and capability.

It’s worth noting that whilst Lukaku has been consistent, he hasn’t necessarily been explosive.

Added to that, he has been flagged on the FPL site with an injury. That does explain his lacklustre performance against Palace! Ben Dinnery is the go to injury expert on Twitter, you should also check out his website

The FPL Herald have given some valuable insight on how this injury could affect FPL. Luckily, the man himself has also given a twitter update!

Some managers have been boasting about their success having not owned Lukaku!

Is it a possibility to ditch him? Have your say in the poll for @fpljudas and see what the rest of Fantasy Football Community think!