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What is FPL Upside Chasing?

FPL Upside Chasing is popular with some FPL managers. It is a strategy which FPL managers can look to utilise to maximise their FPL returns. We take a look at what Upside Chasing is and how FPL managers can use it.

What is Upside Chasing?

Upside Chasing is when managers pick the option that has the highest potential for FPL points in a Gameweek. These players are often described as having the biggest points ceiling. This is because as they have the best chance of returned a large points haul.

Upside Chasing means becoming a more high risk FPL manager. It means not necessarily investing in the bandwagon players or staying loyal. Upside Chasing often means being prepared to sell popular assets if there are other player more likely to return big that week.

How does Upside Chasing work?

Upside Chasing means constantly switching between the big-hitters. These transfers in and out are based on fixtures mostly. This can be risky strategy. If manager are going to Upside Chase you will all need to be prepared to compromise. It is very hard to build team value while Upside Chasing. Managers who Upside Chase will also need to not be afraid of player ownership stats. Upside Chasing means at times transferring out highly owned players, which can feel counter intuitive.

However, even within Upside Chasing some players become set-and-forget assets. These players maintain consistent form throughout the season. For the most part however, Upside Chasing is about picking out the fixture runs and committing to targeting those assets.

Who uses Upside Chasing?

Some of the best managers in the game are known for using Upside Chasing as a strategy. Lateriser is perhaps the biggest advocate of this way of playing the game. Ahead of the 2020/21 season he wrote an article for Fantasy Football Scout about his thought processes in FPL. Click here to read the article.

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