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Top targets for the wildcard

We take a look through some of the top targets for the wildcard. Using the Fantasy Football Scout season ticker we can see which teams have the best run of fixtures. This can then aid FPL managers in picking out some of the best assets for the run ahead.

The wildcard gives managers the opportunity to change their entire team for any reason. FPL have given the community two wildcards to use in each half of the season. In addition unlike any other season FPL have also provided managers with unlimited transfers during the World Cup.

Fixture ticker

Using the season ticker we can change the range of gameweeks up until the point managers are given free transfers during the World Cup. Below we can see the teams that have the best fixtures at the top all the way down to the teams that have the worst fixtures at the bottom.

The obvious options

Some players don’t need the help of the fixture to identify as great options long term. Some of those key players consist of Liverpool assets Salah and Trent. Along with those Man City options like Cancelo and Haaland and Arsenal forward Gabriel Jesus could also be considered as easy to include option.

Top Targets-Reece James

As we can see Chelsea rank second on the fixture ticker for having the best fixtures up until gameweek 16. Chelsea also don’t play a tough fixture until gameweek 8. The wing-back has been the go to defender for a while within the Chelsea team for FPL managers.

The £6m defender came amongst the top defenders in the league for expected data last season. This season amongst defenders he looks set to continue that as he comes joint second for attempts on goal and joint second for big chances total. With a goal already it could be a very successful season for Reece James.

James Maddison

Leicester rank third on the fixture ticker up until gameweek 16. The foxes have already shown that they can score goals this season netting two in each of the games they’ve already played so far. Last season the Leicester midfielder was the sixth highest scoring midfielder in the game.

Maddison’s great form has continued this season. He managed a return in each of the matches he’s played so far with a goal and an assist. With good underlying stats and great fixtures up until the World Cup he could well be the best £8m midfielder the community are looking for.


Leeds rank sixth on the season ticker meaning their fixtures could be there to attack with an asset. Defensively Leeds have been sketchy but going forward they look more convincing. The £6.1m midfielder looks to be playing an advanced position and with team mate Bamford out injured it could increase his appeal.

In terms of underlying stats Rodrigo is up there already. Amongst all outfield players the attacker is joint second for goal attempts already with eight and joint second for attempts in the box with seven. With three goals in the bag already and great fixtures up until gameweek 16 he could be a great option.

Ivan Toney

Brentford rank number one on the fixture ticker suggesting they have the best fixtures amongst all teams in the league up until gameweek 16. Brentford also play Fulham, Everton, Crystal Palace, Leeds and Southampton in the next five fixtures so the potential is there.

Last season Toney came amongst the top forwards in the league for chances and big chances created. The £7.1m striker has already caught the eye this season as well. With a goal and two assists already Toney looks to have hit the ground running. With fantastic long term and even better short term fixtures he could be a great asset for the wildcard.

David Raya

Staying with Brentford who sit top of the fixture ticker. Their £4.5m goalkeeper is at a price that would attract most FPL managers and even more so with those long term fixtures. Although the introduction of goalkeeper price reductions has opened up more options Raya could still be the go to goalkeeper.

Brentford look strong defensively and this only increases the long term appeal of Raya. Not only are the fixtures good but with a clean sheet already many managers are always on the look out for great value goalkeepers and Raya could be just that.

Wildcard example

Taking all of those options into account along with the more obvious picks we can build a great wildcard to last right up until gameweek 16.

We can see that the wildcard draft includes key assets like Trent, Cancelo, Salah, Haaland and Jesus. Also included are top targets like Raya, James, Rodrigo and Toney. Filling in the gaps with great value assets like Walker from Manchester City and midfielder Matinelli of Arsenal.

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