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The best captain in Gameweek 20

We find the best captain in Gameweek 20. With the help of the Fantasy Football Scout members area we can use the season ticker and underlying stats to find the best captaincy option for the Gameweek ahead.

Captaincy is one of the most important decisions a manager can make in fantasy football. Writing up a shortlist of options can be helpful but picking out the best captain in Gameweek 20 can be even more important for FPL managers.

Fixture ticker

Below you can see teams near the top with the easier fixtures, going all the way down the table to teams with the tougher fixtures. The season ticker can be very helpful. However, won’t always give us the full story on which players make the best captaincy options.

The options – Harry Kane

Tottenham rank fourth on the fixture ticker with matches against Arsenal and Manchester City. For that reason, there is initial appeal for captaincy. Amongst all teams in the league so far, Tottenham rank third for goals scored, fourth for attempts on goal and third for total attempts on goal. Overall, the Tottenham attack is looking very good.

In terms of their opponents defensively, things could be easy. Arsenal and Manchester City rank amongst the best four teams in the league for goals conceded, clean sheets kept, attempts on goal conceded and attempts on target conceded.

Leading the successful attacking line is Harry Kane (£11.6m). The striker has registered 15 goals and one assist in 15 matches played already. If that wasn’t enough, amongst all players in the league Kane ranks second for goals scored, joint second for attempts on goal and third for shots in the box.

Erling Haaland

Manchester City rank second on the fixture ticker with matches against Manchester United and Tottenham. For that reason there is plenty of appeal there in terms of captaincy already. This season, amongst all teams, Manchester City rank first for goals scored, attempts on goal and big chances total. They also rank second for shots in the box and shots on target.

The defensive qualities of their opponent’s are mixed. Manchester United rank in the best five teams for goals conceded, clean sheets, shots on target conceded and big chances conceded. However, Tottenham rank the fifth worst team for shots conceded and are around mid table for other key defensive stats.

The Manchester City attack is looking like one of the best in the league this season and large reason for that is Erling Haaland (£12.2m). The striker has already racked up an incredible 21 goals and three assists in just 16 matches. Amongst all players in the league he also ranks first for goals, shots in the box and the big chances total.

Marcus Rashford

Manchester United rank third on the fixture ticker with meetings against Manchester City and Crystal Palace. Amongst all teams they rank in the best eight for attempts on goal, big chances total and shots on target. In the last six matches, they have improved on most of those stats. They rank second for shots on target and third for big chances total.

In terms of Manchester United’s opponent’s, Manchester City are amongst the best teams in the league defensively. Crystal Palace however rank in the worst seven teams for goals conceded, total attempts conceded and shots on target. But, they also rank the third worst for shots in the box and big chances total.

Marcus Rashford (£7m) has turned his form on under the new manager. This season he has scored seven goals and created three assists. Interestingly, three of those goals have come in the last three matches. Rashford has scored three goals and created one assist in his last two consecutive cup games. Amongst midfielders he also ranks second for big chances total and second for shots in the box in the last six Gameweeks.


All three options could be considered as great captaincy options this week. Marcus Rashford’s recent form is very strong but he is yet to show long term consistency and he also faces Manchester City. Harry Kane has proven to be a very reliable FPL asset but his fixtures could be seen as tough, therefore the ceiling of points is lower.

Man City’s attacking stats play a part but Erling Halaand’s reliability in FPL is a huge factor this week. His relentless form and explosiveness means he is the best captain in Gameweek 20.

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