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FPL Reactions has produced a Twitter thread highlighting the highs and lows of the fixtures for each team. As part of the thread he looks at the good fixture periods, the bad fixture periods as well as the standout fixture periods. We take a dive through his findings.

As part of his Twitter thread FPL Reactions suggested that these are the standout fixture periods for each of the Premier League teams.

With thanks to FPL Reactions

This periods are the ones where FPL managers should look to invest. By looking at the different standout periods FPL managers can see how best to move between teams and target them. For example FPL managers can invest in Chelsea for Gameweeks 9 -17 and Liverpool for Gameweeks 13-20. From there they can look to move to Spurs for Gameweeks 27-32 and Man City for Gameweeks 30-36.

They can also plan for their enablers. For exampl Fulham and Bournemouth have their standout fixture periods early in the season. In contrast Nottingham Forest and Leeds have theirs far later in the season. This should allow managers to manage FPL budgets as well as target fixtures.


Best fixture periods: GW1-GW8 GW16-GW19 GW22-GW29 GW35-GW38

Worst fixture periods: GW9-GW12 GW30-GW34

Standout period: GW1-GW8

Aston Villa

Best fixture periods: GW1-GW4 GW7-GW16 GW19-GW22 GW25- GW33

Worst fixture periods: GW5-GW7 GW17-GW18 GW23-GW33 GW34-GW37

Standout period: GW23-GW33


Best fixture periods: GW5-GW12 GW20-GW24

Worst fixture periods: GW1-GW4 GW25-GW27

Standout period: GW5-GW12


Best fixture periods: GW3-GW15 GW26-GW32

Worst fixture periods: GW16-GW19 GW33-GW38

Standout period: GW3-GW15


Best fixture periods: GW5-GW8 GW22-GW29 GW33-GW38

Worst fixture periods: GW9-GW14 GW30-GW32

Standout period: GW22-GW29


Best fixture periods: GW3-GW5 GW9-GW17 GW26-GW31

Worst fixture periods: GW18-GW21

Standout period: GW9-GW17

Crystal Palace

Best fixture periods: GW10-GW18 GW30-GW33 GW36-GW38

Worst fixture periods: GW1-GW4 GW19-GW29

Standout period: GW10-GW18


Best fixture periods: GW2-GW5 GW12-GW16 GW24-GW27 GW31-GW35

Worst fixture periods: GW6-GW11 GW21- GW23 GW28-GW30

Standout period: GW31-GW35


Best fixture periods: GW8-GW14 GW23-GW26 GW29-GW33 GW35-GW37

Worst fixture periods: GW1-GW7 GW15-GW22

Standout period: GW8-GW14


Best fixture periods: GW4-GW7 GW18-GW25 GW32-GW34

Worst fixture periods: GW8-GW17 GW26-GW31 GW35-GW38

Standout period:GW18-GW25


Best fixture periods: GW9-GW13 GW19-GW22 GW28-GW31 GW33-GW35

Worst fixture periods : GW2-GW5 GW13-GW18 GW23-GW27

Standout period: GW9-GW13


Best fixture periods: GW1-GW6 GW13-GW20 GW23-GW28 GW35-GW38

Worst fixture periods: GW7-GW12 GW29-GW34

Standout period: GW13-GW20

Man City

Best fixture periods: GW2-GW6 GW15-GW18 GW23-GW27 GW30-GW36

Worst fixture periods: GW7- GW14 GW19-GW22

Standout period: GW30-GW36

Man United

Best fixture periods: GW14-GW19 GW22-GW25 GW27-GW31

Worst fixture periods: GW3-GW13 GW32-GW36

Standout period: GW14-GW19


Best fixture periods: GW5-GW10 GW20-GW23

Worst fixture periods: GW3-GW6 GW11-GW19 GW24-GW38

Standout period: GW5-GW10

Nottingham Forest

Best fixture periods: GW6-GW9 GW19-GW23 GW33-GW36

Worst fixture periods: GW10-GW18 GW24-GW32

Standout period: GW19-GW23


Best fixture periods: GW7-GW9 GW17-GW22 GW33-GW37

Worst fixture periods: GW1-GW6 GW10-GW16 GW23-GW32

Standout period: GW17-GW22


Best fixture periods: GW16-GW19 GW27-GW32 GW34-GW38

Worst fixture periods: GW1-GW14 GW20-GW26

Standout period: GW27-GW32

West Ham

Best fixture periods: GW2-GW4 GW7-GW11 GW18-GW22 GW25-GW28

Worst fixture periods: GW5-GW7 GW23-GW25 GW31-GW38

Standout period: GW7-GW11


Best fixture periods: GW1-GW7 GW11-GW14 GW23-GW35

Worst fixture periods: GW7-GW10 GW16-GW22

Standout period:GW23-GW35

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