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Serie A Fantasy Round 38 Best Differentials

In this new article we take a look at some of the Serie A Fantasy Round 38 best differentials. Our regular and expert fantasy manager @FPL_Crisk reels off several players who he thinks can help you gain both rank and an edge against your mini-league rival.

Gaining rank can be one of the most challenging things in any fantasy game. But, our experts differentials for Serie A Fantasy Round 38 can help with exactly that. All of the following differentials have less than 10% ownership, so, lets dive in.

Mile Svilar (€4.4m – 2.0%)

He was also in my “Top Picks” article. Between the goalkeepers he is by far the best differential. Roma’ defence is good enough on its own, Svilar is an amazing shot stopper, and the home fixture against Empoli is one of the best of the season.

Riccardo Calafiori (€4.8m – 3.2%)

Bologna have been quite good defensively this season. Genoa have nothing left to play for, and their scoreless loss (with a one-man advantage) against Roma could be a sign of what to expect against Thiago Motta’s side. The Italian manager is likely to join Juve this summer, and will want to leave the team with a good performance so I’m expecting Bologna to give their best possible showing.

Lazar Samardzic (€5.8m – 6.8%)

Udinese need to win in order to be safe from relegation, and the Serbian midfielder is the main reason why they have still hope. His last two goals, including a 104th minute penalty against Empoli, have in fact brought four crucial points to the black&white team.

Daichi Kamada (€8.0m – 3.3%)

Since Lazio hired Tudor as a coach, Kamada has been very important for Lazio. The Japanese midfielder gets very involved offensively, which resulted in a goal against Inter. A leaky Sassuolo side could be a nice opportunity for him to prove Lazio he’s going to be important for the team long-term.

Davide Frattesi (€7.0m – 6.6%)

I’m trying to predict Inter’s rotation here, but I’m expecting Inzaghi to give Frattesi more gametime next season so Inzaghi could use the next game to experiment. Six goals in under 900 minutes for the Italian box-to-box, one of which in the reverse fixture, he has surely proved he can be lethal even off the bench.

Walid Cheddira (€5.4m – 2.4%)

Since Soulé has stopped scoring, Cheddira has become the key player in Frosinone’s attack. His ceiling might not be the highest, but one goal like the one against Monza might be enough to satisfy both Frosinone and fantasy players in a rotation heavy round.

We reel off the best picks for Serie A Fantasy Round 38 in this article here.

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