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Is Saka the best pick from Arsenal?

With Arsenal not playing in Gameweek 27 many FPL managers have been avoiding investing in their assets. However, between now and the end of the season Arsenal sit top of the fixture ticker. In addition they have further games to be rescheduled. So, is Saka the best pick from Arsenal? We have a look at the underlying stats to see if he is worth investment.

At just £6.5m Bukayo Saka is a great FPL budget enabler. However, his appeal is way more than just for budget reasons, as he is also ninth highest scoring midfielder in the game. Saka’s Arsenal are finding their rhythm in the league having one all of their last three fixtures.

Arsenal Fixtures

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Arsenal end the season with a run of fixtures which will make them highly attractive to FPL managers. The Gunners also have an additional fixture, the North London Derby against Spurs, to be rearranged. This means that they will have a second Double Gameweek before the end of the campaign. Arsenal are also one of only six clubs guaranteed to play in Gameweek 30 as both they and opponents Aston Villa are out of the FA Cup. Owning players who double and do not blank is a highly attractive prospect.

The fixture run makes investing in the Arsenal defence as well as the attack impressive prospects. However, with 18.7% of the game already invested in Aaron Ramsdale, managers should prioritise investing in an attacking option.

Saka’s season so far

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Saka has returned seven goals and five assists so far this season. His goal tally see’s him level with players such as Kevin De Bruyne and Bernardo Silva. He has also returned more goals than the likes of Phil Foden and James Maddison.

Only 10 midfielders have returned more assists so far this season than Saka. His 42 chances created as him in the top seven most creative midfielders. Four of the players who have created more chances than Saka over the course of the season are priced over £10.8m.

Last six Gameweeks

Arsenal have only played five times in the last 6 Gameweeks having blanked in Gameweek 22 and 25, but having played twice in Gameweek 26. Saka has appeared in all five of those matches.

In that time he has created 10 chances for his teammates, only Lacazette has created more than Saka.

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He has also taken 11 corners, of which 3 have been successful, this is more than anyone else in the Arsenal team. Having coriander duty makes Saka a more attractive prospect as it increases his route to points potential.

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Saka is also tied fourth amongst midfielders for goal attempts in the last six Gameweeks with 17. Of those 17, 12 have come from inside the box.

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Long term pick?

With Arsenal’s recent form they are in the conversation for a top four finish. This makes Saka and his teammates an increasingly attractive prospect. He has a good route to points, won’t blank in Gameweek 30 and has Double Gameweeks on the horizon.

Arsenal’s position on the Season Ticker also suggest that Saka is a player that FPL managers can invest in and hold for the rest of the season. His £6.5m price tag is also appealing as it will allow managers to invest in more premium assets across the rest of their squad.

The recent underlying stats as well as the long term potential of Saka makes him the best pick from the Gunners attack.

Community chatter

Ahead of the Gameweek 27 deadline some FPL managers such as Nibin were contemplating selling Saka as a result of the blank. However, they had a plan to bring him back in straight away ahead of Gameweek 28.

Roberto also thinks that with the potential for Arsenal to have additional fixtures rescheduled Saka is the best pick to own.

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