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Is it time for a set and forget goalkeeper?

We try to answer one of the most important questions on the mind of FPL managers as we head into the latter stages of the campaign, is it time for a set and forget goalkeeper? Using the Fantasy Football Scout members area we can utilise the fixture ticker and its underlying stats to help us find an answer.

The Fantasy Premier League is approaching its last stretch. As we head into the most significant period of the season many managers will be deliberating how they can gain an edge over their rivals. One of the things they could be considering is is it time for a set and forget goalkeeper?


Firstly it is important that we acknowledge the fixtures. Below we can see that teams at the top have the best fixtures, all of the way down to the teams at the bottom that have the worst fixtures until the end of the season.

Who has the best fixtures?

Bournemouth, Crystal Palace, Liverpool, Leicester and Newcastle all rank amongst the top five teams with the best fixtures.

Fixture conclusion

Four of the five teams with the best fixtures have shown some concerning defensive stats over the course of the season so far. This could potentially rule out all of their goalkeepers for the set and forget spot. Newcastle have maintained some of the best defensive stats in the league but their recent slump and fact they have cheaper options at the back could suggest avoiding Nick Pope (£5.4m) who is also carrying a knock.

Points per start

The graphic below shows a list of the best performing goalkeepers this season in terms of points per start (playing 10+ games). This indicates which goalkeepers have the most potential when they play. It also reflects that they are reliable in terms of minutes.

Chelsea’s Kepa Arrizabalaga (£4.7m) ranks joint first with Liverpool’s Alisson (£5.4m), the latter being considerably more expensive. Not far behind is Nottingham Forest’s Dean Henderson (£4.6m), who is injured and Brentford’s David Raya (£4.8m) who ranks first in his position for points this season (120).

The rotation factor

At the time of writing we have seen rotation between Leicester’s Danny Ward (£4m) and Daniel Iverson (£3.8m). With many hoping to rely on Ward as a solid backup option on the bench, that may not be the case anymore which could be another factor in the appeal of having a set and forget goalkeeper.

We have also seen additional rotation between Brighton goalkeepers Robert Sanchez (£4.6m) and Jason Steele (£3.9m). This should also be considered moving forward.

The standout set and forget goalkeepers

The standout set and forget goalkeeper is David Raya. Not only does Raya double in Gameweek 29 but he also plays a fixture in blank Gameweek 32. Raya also has some great fixtures up until Gameweek 33 where they face Chelsea.

Another great set and forget option in Kepa Arrizabalaga. The Chelsea man has a better points per game total than David Raya and looks set to keep his first team place over rival Edouard Mendy (£4.8m). Kepa faces a double Gameweek in 29 but does not play a fixture in Gameweek 32. Although that is the case, the Blues have a likely chance to double in the coming Gameweeks.

Is it time for a set and forget goalkeeper?

Yes. The lack of clean sheets amongst the top teams in the league indicate sticking with either David Raya or Kepa Arrizabalaga could be beneficial. Both goalkeepers come with a budget price-tag whilst also maintaining some of the best points per game stats in their position.

Transfers are also very valuable in the latter stages of the campaign so not having to swap goalkeepers will be vital.

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