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How many double Gameweek 29 players is enough?

We try to answer one of the most asked questions within the FPL community ahead of the new round, how many double Gameweek 29 players is enough? With the help of the Fantasy Football Scout members area, we utilise its fantastic tools to help us.

We are approaching one of the most important stages of the campaign so far. With a huge double edging closer it could be vital to know how many doublers is optimal for the round ahead. So, how many double Gameweek 29 players is enough?


As we can see below 12 teams will have a double Gameweek in 29. Those teams include Leicester, Nottingham Forest, Brighton, Bournemouth, West Ham, Newcastle, Chelsea, Aston Villa, Leeds, Manchester United, Brentford and Liverpool.

Key double Gameweek players

It could be worth noting all of the key players who double in Gameweek 29. Below is a list of doubling players who could have huge potential in the round ahead, in order of fixture difficulty:

  • Leicester – Midfielder James Maddison (£8.2m).
  • Brighton – Defender Pervis Estupinan (£4.8m) and midfielders Alexis Mac Allister (£5.5m), Kaoru Mitoma (£5.5m) and Solly March (£5.1m).
  • Newcastle – Defender Kieran Trippier (£6.1m).
  • Chelsea – Defender Ben Chilwell (£6m) and striker Kai Havertz (£7.6m).
  • Aston Villa – Striker Ollie Watkins (£7.5m).
  • Manchester United – Defender Luke Shaw (£5.2m) and midfielders Bruno Fernandes (£9.6m) and Marcus Rashford (£7.3m).
  • Brentford – Striker Ivan Toney (£7.9m).

Having as many of these players in our team as possible will likely be key to having a successful Gameweek.

Single Gameweek players

Some players in the game have enough potential to outscore any double Gameweek player in just one match. Because of this and the fact they are players we will want in our teams long term, it could be worth factoring them in.

Below is a list of single Gameweek players who could have huge potential in their single Gameweek fixtures:

  • Arsenal – Midfielders Bukayo Saka (£8.6m), Gabriel Martinelli (£6.6m) and Martin Odegaard (£6.9m)
  • Manchester City – Striker Erling Haaland (£12m) if fit.
  • Tottenham – Striker Harry Kane (£11.8m).

Long term fixtures

As we can see in the fixture ticker below there is a blank Gameweek in 32 for Manchester United, Brighton, Manchester City and Chelsea. All four teams hold high ownership within the game. Although that is the case there is also a double Gameweek in 34 for Liverpool, West Ham, Manchester United, Fulham, Brighton and Manchester City.

Team balance

Trying to find a balance to attack the double ahead, blank Gameweek 32 and double Gameweek 34 will be key. This could be even more so for those that do not still hold the free hit or wildcard chip.

Mangers without the free hit or wildcard

For those without any chips left it could be a case of using free transfers and small-medium hits to get the optimal team in Gameweeks 29, 32 and 34.

Managers with the free hit or wildcard

For managers who still hold their chips it will be much easier to keep Brighton, Manchester United and Manchester united assets through their blank Gameweek 32, ready for their double Gameweek in 34, especially with a free hit.

How many double Gameweek 29 players is enough?

Taking into account key doubling players, single Gameweek players with great fixtures and the future double Gameweeks it could be optimal to have 9-11 double Gameweek players. However, for those looking to bench boost this total could rise to 13-15 players.

Are you getting ready for Gameweek 29? Check out all of the top picks for the round ahead right here.

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