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The benefits of an FFScout membership

Voted as ‘Best in Editorial Fantasy Football’ at the most recent Football Content Awards, the fantastic value for money offered by Fantasy Football Scout’s Members Area has attracted many paid subscribers.

It is a haven for FPL managers, offering a range of stats, articles, community chats and Hall of Fame expertise. Let’s delve deeper into what members get within a package.

FPL membership prices

Firstly, free Standard members get over 200 exclusive annual articles and early access to Scout Picks. As well as the Scout Report newsletter, there is weekly Team News, Scout Picks and Differential content.

Fantasy Football Scout charges £36 for a year of Premium membership (£3 per month) or £4.99 for one month. Here is the promo video.

Main features

As well as a further 150+ exclusive articles on key issues and pressing decisions, Scout Members get access to the following:

Three-player comparison tool

Sometimes, you’re torn between several players for your next transfer. Being able to compare three targets side-by-side, rather than two, makes the experience much nicer.

Members Area

In-depth numerical stats sit alongside visually-attractive heat maps and radar charts when analysing goal threat, creativity, defending and average positions.

Match analysis and OPTA statistical data

With extensive data provided by OPTA, Members can study any individual Premier League match since 2011/12, inspect comprehensive player or team stats and have the ability to create their own custom tables.

Members Area

Furthermore, filters include per-90 and ‘Flat Track Bully’, which identifies players that excel against non-top-six opponents.

Season Ticker

This useful Members Area tool ranks the fixture runs of all 20 teams, with the ability to customise the range and delete individual gameweeks. The latter is especially handy for FPL managers looking into cheap rotations within their own squad.

Members Area

Members also have the option of focusing on attack or defence, with ‘relative difficulty’ being an alternate way to rank.

Rate My Team

Meanwhile, popular predictive algorithm tools Rate My Team and Points Projections are part of Premium membership.

Members Area

Simply enter your team’s ID number and see which weeks look better than others. Filters help focus your search into specific gameweeks, positions and price ranges.

Hall of Fame access

The legendary Fabio Borges tops the FFS Hall of Fame – carefully calculated from finishes of the last 11 seasons. Once inside the Members Area, you can click on an all-time great to view their current squad.

Access to this is joined by weekly team reveals and videos from some of the established FPL elite.

Transfer Planner

An easy-to-use transfer planner enables members to look further ahead than the next gameweek. By seeing your current squad’s fixtures, all upcoming transfers, captaincies and chips can be prepared.

And if you think ratings of opposition attacks and defences are a little harsh, you can tweak them to your satisfaction.

Filling out a quick request form is the first step. Then, plan ahead!


The incredible value for money offered in being a Member is part of why award-winning Fantasy Football Scout is so dominant in the FPL universe. With so many statistics, algorithms and analytical tools, it’s no coincidence that many Members soon notice a vast improvement in their decision-making abilities.

Don’t just take our word for it, check out these endorsements from famous FPL names.

“The Comparison Tool is a great arbiter for choosing between players and the Rate My Team tool came in very handy when trying to identify the relative strengths and weaknesses of my team when compared to those of my rivals”

Simon March, winner of FPL in 2014/15

“This was my first season as a Member and to go from 80,000 to number one would not have been possible without signing up. The access was an eye-opener in terms of how many different ways there are to examine a player’s credentials alongside watching matches.”

Tom Fenley, winner of FPL in 2013/14

“I always sign up pre-season as I think it’s good value for the Members content. I regularly use the full capabilities of the fixture ticker and have my own stats table I like to check back on too.”

Adam Levy, winner of FPL in 2018/19

Click here to begin your Fantasy Football Scout membership.

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