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GAFFR gameweek 5 Key takeaways

Taking a look at GAFFR gameweek 5 key takeaways. We go through each and every game that played in the Championship in the most recent round. Taking into account clean sheets, assists, goals and bonus points we highlight the most successful assets in gameweek 5.

Picking out key moments in each game every gameweek can give GAFFR managers even more information to make those all important decisions for the gameweek ahead. Whether it be for transfer plans or captaincy, the more information we have the clearer our decisions could be.

Norwich v Millwall

After a disappointing start to the season it was the home side Norwich that finally took a comfortable win. They won 2-0 on the day and even without starting main man £11.5m striker Pukki and midfield maestro £9.5m Rashica. Not one Millwall player hit above three points in GAFFR this week meaning a tough gameweek for owners.

The highly owned £6.5m Max Aarons was the highest returning player at the back with his seven points. Those points consisted of clean sheets and bonus. The big performances in the Norwich midfield came from £7.5m Dowell with his nine points and £7.1m Sinani with his 11 points. Bot players managed an assist and bonus points.

The star of the show was £7.5m striker Sargent. His brace and bonus points meant the forward hit a whopping 15 points in gameweek 5. Managers may even be considering him moving forward.

Birmingham v Wigan

It was one of the least anticipated matches of the week in GAFFR but there was no shortage of drama. The Birmingham assets failed to hit above four points after their 1-0 loss against away side Wigan. It was 10 men Wigan who took home the GAFFR points this week.

£4.5m defender Bennett went off with a red card which then resulted in a minus two point return. Other assets at the back stood out though. £4.5m defenders Darikwa and Kerr both hit double digits, their 10 points each consisted of clean sheets and bonus points.

However it was substitutes and forwards £6m Broadhead and £5.5m Wyke that came away with the bulk of attacking points with their 10 and eight points for their goal and assist.

Burnley v Blackpool

Nobody was expecting a thriller but that’s what we got. In a dramatic finish the goal fest finished 3-3. £6.1m Maatsen had high expectations from his owners this week but came away with something worse than a blank. His red card meant the defender returned minus two points this week.

No defender returned more than four points from either side in GAFFR. The standout performances in the Burnley attack came from £7m midfielder Tella who hit a brace and bonus points meaning he finished the match on a massive 16 point haul.

In addition £6m midfielder Brownhill hit 10 points for his goal and bonus points. £5.5m midfielder Corbeanu came good for Blackpool. His seven points resulted from his goal. His team mates and forwards £5.5m Lavery and £5.5m Yates returned for their goals.

Preston v Watford

In a game where many believed there wouldn’t be many goals we saw a goalless draw. Watford went into the game with a lack of scoring and Preston went into the game with a solid defensive record. There was clean sheets all around for Watford but the standout GAFFR performer in defence was £6m Kamara for his clean sheets and bonus.

£5.5m midfielder was the only Watford attacker to hit six points due to his performance bonus. There was plenty of returns at the back for Preston as well with most hitting six points. Similar to Watford Preston only had one attacker to hit six points. £5.5m midfielder Whiteman was that player due to his bonus points.

QPR v Rotherham

The final whistle blew at 1-1 meaning both teams took a point away. Only £5.5m defender Laird took more than four points with five after his clean sheet and bonus. It was the most popular assets that set the bar high amongst their team. Midfielders £8m Chair and £8.5m Willock both finished the game on 10 GAFFR points each for their assist, goal and performance bonus.

No Rotherham defender stretched to more than four points this week. It was the £5.6m in form midfielder Ogbene who took the spoils again. His nine points resulted from his goal and bonus.

Reading v Middlesbrough

There was a lot more points in the defence in this one as the home side took a 1-0 shock victory. There was some huge defender GAFFR performances at the back for Reading. £5m Yiadom and £4.5m Holmes took eight and 10 points for their clean sheets and performance bonus.

The big standout return in attack for Reading was £4.6m midfielder Fornah as he struck 10 points for his goal and bonus. None of the Middlesbrough attackers took away more than two points but the defensive assets had some joy.

£6m wing back Giles took home six points for his second half clean sheet and bonus. Whilst £6.5m McNair edged him with his seven points with the same routes to points just more bonus.

Sheffield United v Blackburn

Blackburn lost their first match of the season 3-0 this gameweek. This resulted in no player exceeding two points this week including £10m forward Brereton Diaz who finished the game on a single point. It was £6m defender Egan who returned more than six points at the back for Sheffield United. His clean sheets meant he came away with a nice eight points.

The majority of the biggest returns came from midfield for the home side. £7m Bolin Berge returned 10 points after his assists and bonus. £6.5m Norwood bettered his team mate with his 11 point haul for his goal and bonus. However it was £7.5m Ndiaye who came out on top with 12 points for his brace and bonus points.

Stoke v Sunderland

Whilst Stoke continued their inconsistent start to the season Sunderland gave us another positive result in their 1-0 away win. Stoke assets failed to hit above four points this week in GAFFR. There was plenty of defensive returns for Sunderland at the back. One of them being £4.5m keeper Patterson with his seven points for his clean sheets and save point.

In the Sunderland attack £5.6m midfielder Clarke collected a double digit return with his 10 points for an assist and bonus. Budget enabler Ross Stewart continued to embarrass his £6.5m price tag with his 10 points, this came from his goal and performance bonus.

Swansea v Luton

It was a game that many GAFFR managers would have been keeping an eye on. Luton came away with an impressive 2-0 away victory in Wales. Only a single Swansea asset managed to bring in more than two points and that man was £8.5m forward Piroe. The striker came away with five points mainly due to bonus points.

There was points everywhere for Luton. Each member of the backline that started hit six points excluding £5.5m Bell who collected 10 points for his clean sheets and bonus. In attack it was £5m midfielder Campbell hitting the biggest score with 12 points for his goal and bonus.

The substitutes also made a great impact for Luton. £7m forward Morris came on to score and take away bonus resulting in a 10 point return. In addition fellow forward and £6m Jerome also took away seven points for his assist and bonus.

West Brom v Hull

In a match packed with goals the home side ran away with the game at the end in a thrilling 5-2 victory. Only two players came away with more than two points for Hull. Those players included £6.5m forward Estupiñán who hit 11 points for his brace and £6m forward Tetteh who created two assists and took bonus away to total 12 oints.

Although the home side conceded two goals there was still plenty of points at the back. £6m Furlong returned a cool nine points for his goal and first half clean sheet. It was £5.5m O’Shea who took away the bulk of the points. He managed a massive 15 points for his goal, assist, first half clean sheet and bonus points.

The big returns in attack came from £7.5m midfielder Diangana taking away 10 points for his assist and bonus. £9.5m midfielder John Swift also managed a double digit haul. His 11 points consisted of a goal and bonus points.

Bristol City v Cardiff

The 2-0 home win meant that Cardiff assets failed to come away with anything significant in terms of GAFFR points. No Cardiff player hit more than three points this week with the team collectively only bring in 19.

There was lots of points at the back for Bristol City with everyone hitting five points or more. Standout returners were £5.1m Naismith. He hit 13 points for his clean sheet, assist and bonus. Joining him was fellow defender and £4.6m Atkinson who bettered his team mate with 14 points for his goal, clean sheets and bonus.

Attacking points didn’t come from £8.6m and popular striker within the GAFFR community Weimann. He picked up an injury which saw him return only two points. Taking the points was £6.6m striker Wells who took away seven points for his assist and bonus. £5.2m forward Conway hit 10 for his goal and bonus.

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