FPL community XI: chip strategy

A key part of FPL management is chip strategy. There is much debate in the FPL community about which chip to use in Gameweek 26. Ahead of the upcoming deadline, here’s some key content on chip strategy to help aid decision making.

The FPL community contains some of the best content creators around. Tapping into to the wealth of content that they produce can be invaluable to FPL managers planning. Gameweek 26 will be a key turning point in many FPL managers season and having the best knowledge possible will be important in achieving a green arrow. Below are a starting XI of some of the best content around.

I. Fantasy Football Scout

FFScout’s Az and Sonaldo answer some big questions regarding Gameweek 26. Their discussing including who to captain and which chip is likely to bring the best return.

II. Always Cheating

The Cheaters latest podcast see’s them debate the best Gameweek 26 chip strategy. They talk through all things chip, including giving the triple captain armband to Mohamed Salah.

III. Ryan – Football Chatbox

With the talk of the FPL community which chip to use, Ryan talks through all the chip options for Gameweek 26. He assesses the value of the Free Hit, Bench Boost and Triple Captain, as well as whether the Wildcard is playable this week.

IV. Let’s Talk FPL

The biggest content creator in FPL Andy from Let’s Talk FPL always offers excellent insight. In this video he explains why so many hits are being taken by FPL managers ahead of Double Gameweek 26. His explanation includes what this means for chip strategy.

V. Planet FPL

Suj and James’ latest pod compares the Bench Boost and Triple Captain chips and their value in Gameweek 26. They discuss Salah as well as looking ahead to Gameweeks 28 and 29.

VI. FPL Nymfria

In FPL Nymfria’s latest video she explains her team selection, as well as her potential activation of the Triple Captain chip.

VII. FPL Planner

FPL Planner takes a look at the effective ownership numbers as well as underlying stats in his latest thread. In doing this he considers the various triple captaincy scenarios. Twitter threads are great for access to good research and stats, as well as community opinion in the replies.

VIII. The FPL Experiment

Gianni Buttice hosts the latest episode of this podcast in the absence of Adam. The podcast discusses which chip managers should use and which could offer the best reward, as well as the boys team decisions.

IX. FPL Osama

FPL Osama’s latest thread looks back at Gameweek 25 and ahead to Gameweek 26. He focuses on which chip should be played and why, as well as picking out key fixtures to target.

X. Official FPL Show

On this weeks FPLShow Kelly, James and their guests discuss some of the best Double Gameweek 26 options, as well as what chips to use this weekend.


XI. Official FPL Podcast

Kelly is joined by FPL expert Lee Bonfield and former players Dean Ashton and Sam Parkin. They discuss all things Gameweek 26, including potential chip strategies and captaincy.


With the Gameweek 26 deadline just hours away, here is some more content to help with those final decisions and plans.

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