FPL Chips & Strategy: Community XI

FPL Chips Strategy

With a Blank Gameweek 1 to contend with, FPL Chips and Strategy are important elements to consider at the start of the season.

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It’s a hot topic within the FPL community right now, with planning likely to be key to a successful start to the season.

I. Raptor

FPL Raptor has produced a highly impressive FPL Chips and Strategy guide, all based around his expertise in psychology. There are plenty of takeaways here on a variety of topics, including captaincy, team structure and chip strategy.

II. Lateriser

Lateriser has earnt himself a formidable reputation as a fantasy King, and seemingly bold captaincy decisions that pay off are at the heart of his success story. We get some valuable insight into how he reaches his conclusions in this Twitter thread.

III. General

When it comes to chip strategy this season there’s a clear divide on how to navigate Blank Gameweek 1. FPL General puts it to a poll which had over 6,000 votes and stakes his opinion that holding off could be the best strategy.

IV. Crellin

Part of the reason to hold off using FPL chips early stems from the volume of blanks and double gameweeks we are likely to encounter further into the season. As always, Ben Crellin is the guru here and presents some potential scheduling solutions.

V. Hub

When it comes to psychology and planning in FPL, there’s no greater insight than that of FPL Brain himself. His Fantasy Football Hub members article, described as the Universal Guide to FPL is a must-read heading into the new season.

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VI. Pras

When it comes to the advocates of an early wildcard, Pras has his strategy all mapped out for a key crossroads at Gameweek 3. It’s a convincing argument and one that everyone should consider before committing to a strategy.

VII. Matthew

Tips and strategy have to be considered whether you’re an absolute FPL rookie or one of the GOAT’s in the game. FPL Matthew falls into the latter category, but has plenty of top advice for those who are only just starting out on their fantasy journey.

VIII. Show

It was no surprise to see strategies for Blank Gameweek 1 high on the agenda in the latest episode of the FPL Fan Show. The dynamic duo present a balanced argument on whether to wildcard early or hold onto it.

IX. Scout

When it comes to FPL strategy, it’s never too early or too late in your fantasy career to re-evaluate your methods. One of the legends of the game, Fantasy Football Scout’s Mark Sutherns is back for the season with a brand new pre-amble and a fresh approach.

X. Heisenberg

FPL Heisenberg is one of the most prominent faces in the Twitter community and ahead of a new season of action, he’s broken down his strategy tips in this handy Twitter thread. Chip strategy, planning and squad formation are his keys to success.

XI. Planet

Finally, Planet FPL looked in depth at chip strategy in one of their episodes last week. They consider all the gameweeks which are likely to be impacted by fixture changes and they are firmly in team no wildcard for the early phases of the season.

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