Introducing the Fanteam One Million Euros season long FPL cash game

Fantasy Football Community are partnered with Fanteam for the coming season and can’t wait to get involved in their one million euros cash games.

Fanteam million

With FPL Cash Leagues a thing of the past due to new rules, Fanteam is the best place to put your money where your mouth is and win real cash prizes for playing FPL.

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If you are part of the FPL community, you’ve probably heard of Fanteam. For us, if you play FPL then you might as well play Fanteam as well. Unfortunately FPL have changed their guidance this season, so cash leagues are no longer permitted. But if you play FPL and are good at FPL, then Fanteam provides a very good alternative to win money by playing FPL. You can play FPL for cash on Fanteam, through a fully regulated company.

The Fanteam season game has capacity for 75,000 entries and it is competitive. If you are the type of fantasy manager who consistently finishes in the top 100k, or even higher such as the top 10k, then you should do very well playing this Fanteam game. The FPL and Fanteam formats are very similar and so it is easy to run your Fanteam lineup alongside your own FPL side.

Simply when you have selected your team for the FPL deadline, then logon to the Fanteam website and confirm a very similar lineup on there. Track your transfers similarly, manage the two sides simulatenously and hopefully take home some of that €1,000,000 prize pool. It’s the biggest ever cash prize game in FPL history.

Fanteam Leaderboard Prizes

Give Fanteam a chance: it’s just €25 entry, with a €1,000,000 prize pool: that’s excellent value for money. You may have played FPL cash leagues in the past with friends or family, for an entry of £5-£20. Here you can win far bigger prizes from a similar entry fee.

First prize is a huge €200,000 with managers ranked in the top 5,659 taking home a cash prize of a minimum of €30. It’s very similar to FPL and so is something that you can pick up as you go along. There are a few differences to the FPL game, but hopefully these are changes you prefer.

Fanteam Game Rules

The main difference is that there are no chips in the Fanteam game: the two wildcards for the first and second half of the season remains. However, there’s no Triple Captain, Bench Boost or Free Hit chips. I personally won’t miss the Triple Captain chip, having not had much luck with it in the past.

The other change is to do with pricing. If you buy a player for £10.0 and they go up in price to £10.5, you bank all of that £0.5 profit when you sell a player. The scoring system is also very similar, with bonus points the main absentee. Players get a bonus point for playing the full 90 minutes.

Fanteam Scoring System

Goalkeepers earn 0.5 points per save, which is more generous than the one point per three saves on the FPL scoring matrix. Fouls leading to a goal can net minus points for a player, as well as causing a penalty. A player is also awarded a positive or negative impact point depending on the result while they are on the pitch.

There are weekly prizes for the highest three scoring gameweek totals and the highest five monthly totals. This gives plenty of motivation to stay involved and win cash, even if you do have a dismal start to the fantasy season. There are plenty of prizes on offer and so many chances of winning.

Fanteam Prizes

If you are playing FPL this season, you might as well put in an entry on Fanteam too. If you are interested in getting involved, hit the link and register your free Fanteam account. Your entry will be even better value when you consider the Sportsbook deposit bonus for new Fanteam users.

When depositing your €25 entry for the season long game, use the code WELCOME150, you’ll get an additional €30 on the Fanteam Sportsbook. On the sportsbook, you can bet more traditionally on outcomes of football matches and the odds provided by Fanteam are always very competitive, compared to more traditional bookmakers.

Sportsbook Bonus

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