Win a share of €1,000,000 in Fanteam’s Fantasy Premier League Cash Leagues

FanTasy Premier League cash leagues

There’s a massive €200,000 first place prize in Fanteam’s €1,000,000 FPL cash leagues this 2020/21 season.

Fanteam million

It’s the biggest of FPL cash leagues in memory, with a chance of scooping life-changing money.

How it Works

The Fanteam Fantasy Premier League cash leagues is very similar to Fantasy Premier League: in fact you can use the exact same team to play with in FPL.

Theres a €1,000,000 prize pool, with the overall winner taking a home a cool €200,000 for winning the entire FPL cash leagues – it’s a life-changing amount of money!

Entry costs just €25 which is great value considering finishing in the top 10 pays at least €10,000 and there’s cash payouts to more than cover your rake all the way down to 5500th place! Submit your entry HERE!

Below is a breakdown of all the prize pools for your perusal.

FanTeam One million prize

It’s a great investment in comparison to playing fantasy premier league cash leagues with your friends, family and colleagues. In addition there’s “Manager of the Month” prizes for the top 5 EVERY month up to €1,000 and “Manager of the Gameweek” prizes for the top 3 up to €250 for the winner!

Fanteam will also be running weekly freerolls, exclusively to anyone entering the big one million euro game. These kick off in Gameweek 2, with a prize pool of €5,000. There’ll also be a special €5,000 Freeroll on Boxing Day, with the other regular freeroll competitions carrying a guaranteed €1,000 prize pool.


The FanTeam format is almost the same as Fantasy Premier League. The similarities in format mean that you can enter your normal FPL team into this competition and run it alongside your main fantasy football team.

Fantasy Premier League cash leagues

  • Unlimited transfers before Gameweek 1
  • 15 players to select
  • 100 million pound budget
  • Similar scoring system
  • Similar FPL pricing
  • Max three players per club
  • Captains score double points
  • One transfer each week

There’s two half-season wildcards just like in FPL, but no chips of any kind: a perk for FPL managers who preferred life before Bench Boost, Triple Captain & Free Hit. Prices will fluctuate throughout the system at random points. A players’ sale price will be the same as their purchase price, unlike FPL.

We at Fantasy Football Community can’t wait to get started in this contest and would love you to join us too – places are limited so we recommend that you join up now.

If you have any questions whatsoever about the game and the amazing prize pool, do not hesitate to get in contact! Hit the banner below to signup and register your free account now.